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Dear All, I'm 12 days post op. Kidney tumour removal . Can sit on a good sturdy dining chair with a pillow behind my back. However struggling to sit my sofa as it's quite low and quite deep! Anyone else have any ideas on how to sit comfortably? I purchased this, it's ok not great... any other ideas. Fed up of going to bed at 8pm just to get comfortable. Thanks 
i purchased this 

  • Ikea poang chair?  I found this comfortable with lower back pain because the back is shaped to be supportive in this area.  No idea if it would have the same impact post nephrectomy as I didn't have one.  They are frequently available on gumtree. 

  • I've known several people who have had hip replacements, and their sofas have been too low. I think it is occupational therapists who can supply things that raise the height of the cups that you put under castors, but higher. 4 very thick books would do the same job! So long as they are an equal depth.

    But don't try lifting up your sofa to put the books underneath !    Scream

  • Joy You know me too well by now! I'd attempt that myself just through the sheer frustration! Rofl NOT!  Went to bed in the end, fell asleep till now 8.30pm-11.3pm- now I'm awake!! Persevere Need to sort out something fast to make it easier 

  • Know the problem, I put some cushions flat and then a pillow on top of the cushions on the sofa seat and sit on that so higher and a then a V cushion behind for support. Still do this 4.5 mths after surgery as easier to get up. 

  • A raised loo seat can be a great help too.