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Hi Everyone

I have kidney cancer which is currently under surveillance. We were hoping to book a holiday and the quote we received from a Company supported by Lloyds Underwriters was over £5,000 for myself, my husband and my Son.

Has anyone used an insurance company that is affordable please?

Many thanks and very best wishes to you all Joolz.

  • Hi  

    A holiday sounds amazing but as you are experiencing getting affordable Travel Insurance can be a challenge and at times the price quoted could be higher than the cost of the holiday and some people do find that no Insurance is being offered.

    I had to be 2 years in remission and not on any cancer related treatment for my type of incurable blood cancer before I could get any price but these decisions are often all down to cancer types, treatment, prognosis and the resulting risk factor put on by the insurers risk assessment - I am very open to serious infections due to a reduced immune system so this is seen as a high risk factor for insurers.

    Comparison sites tend to use the same algorithms so getting a clear price can be difficult and it’s not that unusual to be turned down or told to call the insurers. 

    It is actually more effective to call a few insurers directly as this means that you have answered all the questions correctly and in doing this a suitable policy can be offered and price given.

    Full disclosure is always advisable as in the event of you developing any issues this can reduce the risk of an insurance companies wriggling out from paying out.

    As a Macmillan Volunteer I am not allowed to recommend any companies but do have a look through this > recommended travel insurance discussion thread (do go to the bottom of the thread and hit the >> to take you to the newest posts) in our Travel insurance group as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are.

    You can also look through all the individual members of posts in the group as well.

    I do hope you can get cover.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Hi,

    I'm 1 year into my Radial Nephrectomy, and as you say. Getting insurance is a challenge. I have found most Insurance companies won't entertain me. ie £1500 - £3000. But 3 companies are very good.

    Albert & Eddie


    Avanti ( Who I am with at the Moment )

    I paid £500 last year for myself and the wife, but I think, that will be a about £700 this year. Remember outside Europe will cost more, and USA, well forget that area. Cruising will also add to the cost. 

  • Hi I used staysure. We went to Mexico in June 2023 and I had my partial nephrectomy in the Feb 2023. I also declared my heart attack and stent which I had the year before. It cost about £600 but Europe only was really cheap less than £100 if I remember rightly. I just insured myself as my husband used his own through his bank as he has no medical conditions. 

  • I went to Munich in March and 5 or 6 days cost myself and other half £330 from www [dot] insureancewith [dot] [com].  

  • Morning, I was diagnosed in April, we were supposed to go to turkey , gorgeous hotel , adults only 5* Etc in May, I was told by my GP to cancel holiday in April, therefore I did, we went through AXA , I've submitted everything they have requested from the gp etc. but still haven't heard if going to get money back!! It wasn't a cheap holiday for a week! But as my husband says everything moved quickly after initial diagnosis ie appointments/urgent CT and now op also done last Friday! I've said no more booking anything for awhile till Im feeling fully better! Otherwise could be in same boat, trying to get money back (should I not feel well) from these companies is like pulling teeth!!! I hope you find the right price comparison sites xx