Stage 4 kidney cancer

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Hey everyone, my dad has stage 4 kidney cancer,- spread to lymph nodes and Mets on lungs, he's been told it isn't curable and we are now having appointments with palliative care team for pain relief etc he is on anxinitib, he had immunotherapy which didn't work this is second lime treatment. 

Dad's adamant he wants to stay at home for final stages which is fine but atm he lives alone, my question really is how are we supposed to know when hw doesn't have much time left? Is it even something we can ask? 

  • Hi Mumof598

    I am in a very similar situation to your dad. I have stage 4 incurable kidney cancer, and I live alone. I want to be in my own home too, when I get to the 'end of life' stage.

    It would be a good idea for your dad to discuss his wishes with his GP and the palliative care team. There are forms he can fill in that stay in his medical notes, so all professionals involved in his care can refer to them, and ensure his wishes are followed, as far as possible.

    I would suggest you ring the Macmillan support helpline, as you'll be able to get all the information you need to reassure yourself. They will advise you on what you and your dad need to do next. They can also guide you through what to expect as your dad's illness progresses. I hope he is currently receiving support and pain relief if he needs it, so that he is comfortable.

    Take care


  • I met someone in a cancer support centre here in liverpool . She had incurable cancer for more than 30 years She had many immunotherapy lines along this time. Now she had 95 and when i met her she was very happy because his relative find low fat beef for dinner. What about that