13cm by 13 cm mass found on ultrasound

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So I had been getting pain in my right side of body and lower back which I initially wrote off as I had started boxing recently. It come back a few weeks later so I went to the doctor who sent me for a blood test . Blood test results came back white red blood cells all good same as thyroid said there was a slight marker on something that helps fight infections so asked me to do another . Within that time I had the ultrasound which was Wednesday this week I came out of work and looked at phone and was asked to call doctors so I did . They asked me to come in within the hour and bring someone with me so I went along and was told there is the large mass . This was yesterday so now I’m sat reading all the stories on the forum hoping that I’m going to be ok . I am 37 years old and like to think fairly healthy my wife also happens to be pregnant to so I’m in double overdrive right now . I just wondered what the likelihood is that it has spread I’m guessing I am going to get a t3 rating minimum . Thanks for any information 

  • Hi Kyle8

    I'm newly diagnosed and my situation is not the same so I'm sorry I'm not offering anything useful in terms of an explanation or information. I just send support.

    I hope it all turns out well for you and your family.


  • Thank you I hope the same to you what’s your diagnosis 

  • Mine is a much smaller tumour (around 4 and half centimetres) than yours and they have recommended its removal. I found this out last Thursday and it was bolt out of the blue. I'm waiting to hear back on a timescale and they've said the hospital (assigned uro-oncology nurse) has said the scans do not show any sign that it has spread. Just want it gone.

    Take care.

  • Hi Kyle, my tumour was picked up by chance during a scan for something else. I had no symptoms and it was a shock like everyone else. I had a partial nephrectomy Feb last year. Mine was only small and hadn’t spread but the mental scars are tough. I think there is a member on this forum who had a tumour same size of yours removed not long ago who may reply Fingers crossed  Have you had a CT with contrast yet ? That will tell the doctors if it has spread. It checks the full thorax area and lymph nodes. I was lucky as my liver consultant who checked the initial  scan went straight to urology and forwarded my details onto MDT (decision panel for planning operations etc) and ordered contrast this scan. When the results came back I had an appointment with the Consultant in Urology (also my surgeon) who explained the results and timescales for my operation. I found out in the December and the tumour was removed end of the February by the Davinci Robotic machine and the surgeons ! I had a scan 6 months after that and then another 6 months later and I will have another next Feb as it goes to yearly. I am classed as high risk (as are all partials in my area Hull/East Yorks). I believe  full kidney removal is an easier operation but longer recovery. I had an extra artery from my kidney so my op was a bit tricky. We usually have two and I had three. My advice would be to keep chasing timescales so you get the ball well and truly rolling. Sooner it’s gone the better. There are some amazing members on this forum who have been through hell but are always offering advice. They will reply soon I am certain xx

  • Thank you for your reply . I have read probably pretty much every forum page on here give or take a few as my mind was in overdrive . I did manage to sleep through last night mind . No I have not got a date for ct scan etc yet but I have had someone I no who works at hospital check if referral had come through but no luck as of yet . Like I said I feel really well I’m probably fitter than I have been in years so hopefully that stands me in good stead .i have considered paying privately but I would still need the nhs appointment or so my doctor said so didn’t want to get people messed up and then I got forgotten about . I am expecting that I have my kidney removed alongside the growth . I do actually have nasal polyps so I am actually praying that it is a non cancerous growth but I don’t think I’m that lucky .

  • It great you have someone who can check things for you ! My liver consultants secretary did the same for me as I got quite friendly with her ! I must say one thing it’s is pretty likely it will be cancerous so be prepared for that, Been as healthy as you possibly can is great. Same here. After having a poorly liver I my diet changed dramatically to everything fresh and clean. No salt, no prepared meals etc. Everything we have now and have had for over 3 years is additiive free. Stress is my downfall. I suffer badly and also have a bad heart (heart attack etc) If you can combat anxiety that’s a massive bonus to your body. Keep pushing for your appointment. The sooner you know what’s what the better. xx

  • Hi Kyle,

    I had a 13cm mass diagnosed last year, and had a Radical Nephrectomy in June. Read my profile. They will need to do all the scans to see if it has spread, and how to approach the op., Hang on in there, I know that it is hard for someone else to say, but we have all been there. Once this has been done, you will have your radical nephrectomy and get it out

    I am a T3, but hadn't spread.

    Good Luck to you, we are all thinking of you.


  • Thanks for the reply I have read your page previously:) as I said it’s what’s been getting me through the days since yesterday as the anxiety is in overdrive . I hope that it hasn’t spread and that a removal will put me in a good place I just want it done yesterday if you know what I mean 

  • I know what you mean. When I got the telephone call for my op, they gave me two dates, three weeks apart. I choose the earliest. I wanted it  out, as soon as possible.

    Keep us up to date Kyle. You will find this group is a great support, when you are very scared, and need support from people that have been there.

  • Thank you I will keep you posted . I don’t want to put to much pressure on my wife as she’s pregnant and has two wombs so is a high risk pregnancy . Everything has come at once