Kidney tumor

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I’m so down , after being told by phone I had a lump on my kidney last night I have seen a letter on my nhs app today where it has been described as a large tumour . As far as I’m concerned the end is near . I’m gutted . 

  • Hi Phil

    Try not to be too scared about the letter. I know 'large tumour' sounds bad, but it all depends on where it is, what type of kidney cancer it is...most are very slow growing, and are treatable. I was diagnosed with a large tumour in my right kidney nearly two years ago. I could not have surgery, and had immunotherapy, which has shrunk my primary tumour by more than 50%, and it is now dormant. I am still here to tell the tale!

    I know it is tempting to read everything you can whilst you wait for your appointment with the Oncologist, but it isn't always helpful to do so. The waiting for results/appointments/ treatments/ surgery is the hardest part of this Big C journey. If possible, try to stay calm! Write down any questions you may have when they occur to you. If the anxiety is getting too much, phone the Macmillan helpline! They are there to help.

    I hope you don't have to wait much longer before you know what your treatment plan is going to be.

    Stay strong! 


  • Thanks , you are very kind. It’s suspected renal cell cancer . Were you at stage 4 when diagnosed ? 

  • Yes, I was. I had no symptoms that anything was wrong, so it did come as a shock. My cancer was found elsewhere, to begin with, so I knew it was stage 4 even before the first scan result came back.

    I had a year, roughly, on immunotherapy, and this has got the tumours under control. I am not currently having any treatment, and feel totally fine! I do have scans every three months to monitor the cancer, which is reassuring. If it does decide to progress, I'm sure my Oncologist will suggest further treatments.

    When I look back to the time when my cancer was first diagnosed, I was incredibly anxious, and angry. After living with it for 18 months, it's surprising how much my attitude and feelings have changed, and I no longer feel that my cancer is dominating my life.

    You are bound to be anxious at this stage, whilst waiting for things to happen. It does get easier, according to others who post on here, once you have a treatment plan in place, and some good support from the hospital. I hope you are able to call on family and friends to help you through the next few weeks of uncertainty.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you! 


  • Thankyou , I have the best family and you have been really helpful . I think because I had gross haematuria twice I believe the cancer is everywhere and they will just send me home without a fight when it comes to it . Thanks again. 

  • Thanks for your help , is your renal cell carcinoma too ? 

  • Hi Phil. Yes, my cancer is a renal clear cell carcinoma. It is the most common renal cancer, about 80% of kidney cancers are this type. It is very slow-growing, and treatable, either by surgery, if it hasn't spread, or by immunotherapy.

    Don't overthink this! I know it's difficult, but you will get all , or most of the answers to your questions once the scan results are known, and you meet your oncology team. If you need to know more about my own experience, you can click on my armchair icon, and it will take you to my profile. Remember though that everyone's experience is different, and their circumstances will be different to yours too. Nowadays, cancer treatments are tailored to each patient, and the oncology team will suggest the best way forward for you.

    Try if you can to spend your waiting time doing positive things, to occupy your mind. It IS hard, but you will get through it, I'm sure.

    Please post to let everyone know how you get on!