"let food be thy medicine" ~Hippocrates

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Hi everyone,

Apparently there is a lot of thinking out there that we can improve our chances of dealing with, or not getting, cancer through our diet.

I drink green tea now instead of coffee. I drink water and squash drinks too. 

I try and incorperate tumeric into my meals at least a couple of times a week. I'm vegetarian anyway so i eat a lot of green leaf veggies. I've cut out sugar. Cut out salt. Cut out prcessed food

I don't want to say too much more about what i do but look it up if you can. Surely anything that may give us a chance is worth investigating.

My thinking behind this is that i shoudn't just carry on as i was before i was diagnosed with kidney cancer and bladder cancer.and it's great that we have drugs and various chemical treatments. But to give my body the chance of healing itself and working for me it needs the right fuel.

I feel good knowing that i'm doing something for me. My son asked me at christmas if i enjoyed green tea. I told him the truth...'No.... i'm not drinking it to enjoy it, i'm drinking it to give myself a chance of avoiding cancer. Even if that's a small chance i'll take it'.

I should say that i've never really bothered all that much about what i ate before. I didn't realise what a difference it could make.

All the best...Del.

  • I would be really interested to know if anyone uses food/diet as a means of fighting cancer. So please do post on this thread if you have researched this or found something of use to everyone. Or if you have an opinion on it let's discuss.


  • I think that common sense is the main factor in my diet and should be in anyone’s who has been through cancer and or other events.

    I  had a heart attack the year before I found out I had a tumour on my kidney so was already following a very healthy life style after recovering from that. 

    Prior to my heart attack my diet was shocking. I was a carer and hardly ate, drank too much to cope with stress and other factors.

    For the last three years my diet bares no resemblance to what it was.

    No Red meat, no processed foods at all. I make all my own sauces etc. I do not add salt to any food. Always have porridge for breakfast and always have a big bowl of mix fresh berries with yogurt after my evening meal. I don’t not smoke and never have. No alcohol what so ever. I do enjoy two cups of coffee in a morning. But that’s it. I love coffee and still allow myself it. It’s good for your liver in moderation.  I know my body has been through a lot and I respect it completely now. 
    Exercise is very important to me. I walks over 6 miles a day and much more on a weekend. So i can say to myself and my doctors and can do no more and feel and feel very healthy indeed.  I have the odd treat when I feel I have worked for it day after a long hike but wouldn’t dream of picking up a chocolate bar if I didn’t exercise like I do. 

  • That is fantastic Cilla. I forgot to mention exercise and its importance. Even a little exercise is good.

    Being a semi-retired Bricklayer/builder i have cut my work down dramatically now. But so as to not be caught out when i do take on a job i do an aerobic workout every day. And of course walk the dog twice a day.

    This has all been an awakening for me. I wouldn't dream of putting the wrong fuel in my car/motorbike and yet i haven't paid nearly enough attention to the fuel i put in my own body. 

  • I gave up working but have a very fit dog. I also think of all the time, care and money the NHS has spent looking after me. How could I fill my body with rubbish after all that has been done for me. A neighbour of mine was unfortunately diagnosed with early breast cancer. She has got the all clear ( or as much as anyone who has had cancer can hope for) but even just weeks after surgery I popped round and was horrified to see her sat smoking! I was shocked. I just couldn’t do it to myself. My tumour was only small and low grade but I know that anything could happen. I take nothing for granted so filling my body with healthy home cooked food and drink is giving it the best of chances. My cardiologist advised to ditch red meat. Didn’t really like it much anyway. He said it is very bad for your heart. I eat fish but no other meat. Lots of stirfrys, veggie chilli, veggie wraps with healthy dips. Pasta with home made sauces. Our walking treat is home made date and walnut loaf. One piece though. Lots of fruit. My fruit bowl over flows every day. Lots of nuts and brown rice. I never feel I am missing out. I do eat sweets or crisps or drink fizzy pop. We went to Mexico in June and I followed the same diet. No booze at all. They had alcohol free beer so I enjoyed that. It’s great to see it’s fashionable to ditch the booze !  

  • Meant do not eat crisps fizzy drinks or sweets !!!! 

  • Thanks for sharing, !

    Just in case anyone might have missed it, we have an interesting article covering information about diet and cancer on our main Macmillan website:

    All the best,
    Macmillan Online Community Team

  •  I have not posted for a while so hello everyone.

    Like Deloo and Cilla I have changed my diet since being diagnosed and cut down on booze, on sweet things and  manufactured foods.

    i adopt a bit of a mixture of the Keto diet and William Li (who has a very interesting book ‘eat to beat disease). However I do have a craving for sweet things so do have small treats.

    i have been doing daily intermittent fasting for quite a while and like Deloo have done some reading around the metabolic theory with Thomas Seyfried.and also into off label drugs.

    Wishing everyone well x

  • Hi Gill,

     What a coincidence. I was only watching a William LI video yesterday. It has so motivated me and given me hope and a positive angle, going forward, on which i can build. I find it so exciting.