Immunotherapy for RCC stage 4 - radiotherapy options?

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Dear All

My wife was diagnosed in March 2022 - she had her latest Ct scan a week or so ago, and this was followed up by a call from her oncologist. He told her that it showed no change and added that it showed that her treatment is working. Of course, my wife would have liked to see some reduction somewhere, but he said that he was happy.

In discussing her general health, my wife spoke of feeling a constant ache around her kidney area. He MAY have mentioned that Radiotherapy was an option, BUT neither of us picked it up at the time, it was only afterwards that my wife thought he had suggested this as an option. I wonder if this is indeed an option?

Her treatment has gone down the Ipi/Nivo path, no other treatment.
We have both found this forum very useful also encouraging and would like to hear what fellow sufferers have to say.
All Best Wishes, Bodger.

  • Hi Bodger,

     I hope your wife is keeping well has she had a operation on her kidneys, or is she just having treatment for the cancer I have not had radiotherapy so cannot comment on this, but I know a few others have they maybe able to help you with your questions, I know we would like to see shrinking but stable is good also sending you both hugs and best wishes Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • Hi Sandra

    no operation, just immunotherapy ipi/nivo

    thanks, Bodger

  • Hi Bodger

    Radiotherapy is an interesting one and causes me some inner conflict.  Ha!   Remember I am just a member of joe public and have no authority in this realm, so take my observations with a pinch of salt . . . . .  BUT -> 

    10+ years ago people with KC were given Radiotherapy, then 2 years later they departed, because RT wasn't effective for KC.  

    Then came along immunotherapy and targeted therapies and we're all a lot happier now :-) 

    But I see people post on here who have had or having RT, so there must be circumstances where it brings benefit, for pain reduction perhaps, or in the event of mets to multiple other organs?   

  • Hi Mumm

    thank you for your response - apologies for late reply, I've been "upgraded" to Windows 11, not my idea but got my pc back after three days out of action. does look like there might be some benefit. My wife experiences a constant ache in her kidney region and given that her tumour is large, a reduction in its size might be helpful. Her next face to face appointment will be in three months, so we will explore this further. 

    All best wishes, Bodger.