Stage 4 metastatic renal cancer.

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Good morning everyone,

this is just a general query regarding the progress of my cancer.I was diagnosed late March and the cancer was still progressing.The problem I want to share is dieratry.Since I started on chemo,Kisplyx,I have lost all my appetite and have lost over 2 stone.However I am also constipated and take laxitives which only work when taken in large numbers.Is there another strategy to deal with this problem?

  • I'd suggest contacting your support nurse, if you have one, or the Macmillan phone line for advice. In terms of diet, usually an increase in fibre will help with constipation, but I wouldn't alter your diet before checking in with someone medical to advise you.

    Hope it improves soon!


  • I take Laxido and also flax seeds in my porridge