Anxious and stressed

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Hi its nearly 12 months since left open radical nephrectomy  large tumor but grade 2 and contained, so I am in a good place physically compared to a lot of people and my heart goes out to you all , this anxiety of mine seems trivial in comparison but was told by consultant I would have scan every 4 months I had my second scan in August over 6 weeks later it's not back from radiology I dont not blame any medical person as I know there all under pressure but I get so anxious and stressed and always fear the worst and its life stalls for these results to come through and I just want to try and get on with my life 

 Thinking of you all on this up and down journey 


  • I have my first CT scan tomorrow, after a radical nephrectomy in June. Very uptight at the moment, Urologist was very pleased with Op. Says he removed 14cm tumour and clear margins away from kidney. Pathology came back with depressing news, that it was a very aggressive tumour. Very worried. Also kidney function is down, feel I am not getting any support from my GP. Hoping I get good news tomorrow, but like you will have the wait to see Urologist.

  • Fingers crossed we don't get any support from GP husband due to have op 8 November cancelled in May Consultant says tumour as grown considerably just hoping op is done this time

  • Hi Snellijw,

    Wishing you good luck for you first scan post op tomorrow, I had my first scan last month after op in April. 
    Do you not have a CNS to support you? Reading the thread I realise I have been very lucky in my journey as I have a CNS who said I could contact her 24/7 with any concerns and worries, she has also chased up all my appts/ results and rung me with details. 

  • Hi Lilyh,

    Sorry to hear you are still waiting for results, I have been there myself I don’t think that the medical staff realise that we who are waiting have I life’s on hold until we get them, I have my three monthly scan tomorrow so I know I will have to wait weeks for my results, this is when I don’t eat or sleep very well worrying about the results take care I am sending you hugs and best wishes Sandy 

    Sandra 55
  • My con rang me about four months after follow up CT.

  • I'm hoping my follow-up will be a couple of weeks, not 4 months. Lol

  • Morning Simon,snellijw and Lilyh,

     I have contact with my oncologist every four weeks I am actually going to see him this morning, when waiting for results it is up to the radiographer to read the results and send it to the doctors, so really it all depends on how busy they are, I have waited months and other times it is weeks, I hope you are all doing well Sandy

    Sandra 55
  •  Just letting you all know I have today had a phone call from consultant everything is looking fine so I can breath again until my next scan, sending hugs to you all on this journey we are all going through this journey every  

  • Really pleased for you. Lots of Hugs.

  • So glad to hear about your results sending hugs back to you Sandy 

    Sandra 55