Kidney biopsy on Tues - scared

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Hi everyone

I'm having a kidney biopsy on Tuesday and am really scared. I've read all the Macmillan and nhs information on it, but it's all so matter of fact. I would really like to hear your personal experiences eg did you have sedation, any discomfort during, what to expect afterwards and once back home

I think I am more scared of the numbing injections as I know through experience that they hurt :-(

Thank you x

  • Hi kitty slim,

    So sorry to hear what you and your husband are going through it is such a worrying time anyway, but to have to have other things turn up it really upsetting for you both, try to stay positive I know your mind goes racing forward and we all think the worst there are so many new treatments now hopefully you will be put on one that suits you, I think the worst part about having cancer is the waiting time, you are waiting for scan and biopsy’s than waiting for results and than waiting for your consultant to tell you what is next, after all that you start worrying all over again and you are not sleeping or eating because you are worrying about everything else, I am sending you both hugs and best wishes I hope you go forward soon keep us informed of how you get on Sandy xx

    Sandra 55
  • Here's my blog about my biopsy experience.   Biopsy – 14th Dec 2021 

    My numbing injection didn't "hurt".  It was uncomfortable for about 3 secs.  No sedation.  I walked away afterwards with no change or impact to what I do normally.    

  • Hi   I'm thinking of you and I hope it went OK today.  Thanks for your post  on my biopsy blog.  It was very encouraging. 

  • Hi Mumm

    what is the link to your blog? I thought it was Kidney Not, but couldn't find anything. Apologies if this shows a lack of protocol

    Bodger 23

  • Hiya - funny you should say that, because when I tried to find it last week, I couldn't find it either! I had to go to my profile to find it Grin

    Here it is  Kidney Not 

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    FormerMember in reply to Mmum

    Mmum, you must be made of iron.....the numbing injections made me sob....and I mean sob. I've had them before in my ankle and they killed, this was no different *cries*

    The rest of it was fine, some weird sensations, but ok. Was stuff as a board yesterday but am going strong today. Your blog post really did help so thank you again  for the link ♡

  • Oh, so sorry!   At least it's over now.