Any chances to be benign?

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I had ct scan recently and they told me i had a big tumor on my left kidney 10x8x7 cm (T2a N0 M0).I ask if its cancer malign and that lady told me at this size usually its malign.

My question its If i had any chances to be benign? Because i never had any pain or simptoms They find this tumor because of a blood test (too many red cells)

  • My tumour was large and they said 99% cancer and it was . It’s obviously possible for it not to be cancer . My symptom was blood in urine . Because it was a painless symptom that actually made it more likely to be malignant according to Doctors. Whatever happens your Doctors will be on the case so try not to worry too much.

  • My mum died by cancer 10 years ago . I was whit her until last moment so .....yes im afraid because i know what means

  • Hi Megdrim

    I know this is very difficult, but try not to worry too much whilst you wait for results and a treatment plan.

    Even if your tumour is cancerous, most kidney cancers are slow-growing, and they are treatable. Many people find out they have kidney cancer 'by accident', in other words it shows up when they are being investigated for something else. Often, there is no pain, or signs that anything is wrong.

    I have had no pain from my kidney cancer, which has been treated by immunotherapy. My oncologist thinks I have had it for a long time, and I had no idea!

    I hope you hear back from the hospital quickly.

    DON'T google! It usually makes people more anxious, and the information is often out-of-date, and inaccurate.

    Keep posting on'll get lots of support!


  • Ye it’s tough . I’m not right mentally since my diagnosis but we are stuck with it so we will find a way to cope . It’s raw at the moment and once you get all the right info and speak to your team I’m sure you will become more positive. Stick in there. 

  • Hi, I also had no symptoms at all and it was just picked up by chance/fate during another scan. Mine was very small T1a N0 M0 but like Phil said they told me they were certain it was cancerous. They see enough scans to know in my opinion. I had a partial nephrectomy in Feb 2023 and the pathology was a grade 2 which my consultant said it’s low risk. I feel very fortunate but glad it was found when it was.  Good luck in your journey. This forum is so amazing. People share their issues and we all support each any way we can x

  • Hi candysmum I wasn’t sure how to message directly . I just wanted to talk about your cancer as I have just gone on my nhs profile and read my ct stuff and now no I’m getting worse news than I hoped for 

  • Hello Kyle

    You can read about peoples' cancer experiences by clicking on their name or their 'Avatar'. It is possible to private message, by asking if you can be their friend, on their profile page. If you haven't written your own profile yet, I suggest you do, as it saves you repeating yourself!

    In my own case, when my kidney cancer was found, it was because a dermatologist removed an 'innocent' looking small lump on my scalp, and the breast clinic took a biopsy of a very small lump, the next day. When the histology results came back, it was clear I had kidney I knew I had stage 4 cancer even before I had my first CT scan, or met a urology doctor or nurse. It is evidently very rare for kidney cancer to travel to these places, by the way.

    Because my cancer had already spread far and wide in my body, surgery wasn't possible. Instead, I had a course of immunotherapy, which has shrunk the main tumours and made them go 'dormant'. It will never be a complete cure, but I can keep going for several years....which amazes me really.

    I must be quite unusual, as I was anxious and angry at first, but I quickly accepted that my cancer isn't curable. I didn't panic or start planning my funeral...just got on with things.

    It has been treated, and I am happily living my life, quite content, and able to do pretty much whatever I want to do. I think my stamina and physical strength have lessened a bit, but that might just be the normal ageing process at work! I am 64.

    I've been on this forum quite a while now, and read all the posts, including those from people who have had surgery, and those who haven't. My understanding is that, generally speaking, if the cancer is contained within the kidney, surgery is usual. If, like me, the cancer has spread to multiple organs, surgery could actually spread it further. Sometimes, immunotherapy is used to shrink the tumours, then surgery goes ahead. Every case is different!

    Your oncology team will certainly do their very best for you, and suggest the best way forward for you. Trying to guess what may happen, based on other peoples' stories may not help you at the moment.

    My advice is to try not to panic, try not to research too much, and distract yourself by keeping busy. This waiting time is really'll feel a lot better, i suspect, once you have a treatment plan in place.

    I wish you a speedy outcome!


  • Hello and thank you for your reply , yes mine has also spread to multiple places I no of so far liver kidney and lymph nodes . I’m only 37 and have a pregnant wife so I’m trying to hold it together for her but all I want to do is cry . I do hope that they will at least try immunotherapy on me and that I’m not to late to start a treatment of some sorts 

  • Kyle I am as certain as I can be that they definitely WILL offer you treatment and/or surgery!

    Your case isn't hopeless! I'm not in a competition here, but I had tumours in lots more places, including the adrenal glands, pancreas and lots of lymph nodes. Most of these have shrunk so much, or disappeared so that they don't show on any scans now. I've just had my latest scan results, and the original 'primary' tumour is now only  2.5cms. and dormant. They didn't turn me down!!

    I know what you've read on your NHS app is frightening....but it is NOT as hopeless as you think! Your oncology team will be very used to dealing with situations like yours, so really try not to panic too much.

    I really feel for you, facing this in your parent-to-be situation. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling. There is never a 'good' time to get a cancer diagnosis. I'm sure your youth (well, compared to me!) and fitness will be a big factor in how you manage your treatment. I'm sure you will find the determination and strength to cope, going forwards.

    You will get lots of encouragement and support on here, and you can ask the experts if you need more technical or medical advice, using the helpline. Your partner can also use the helpline, and join several forums, if she wants support or information.

    Please don't despair! You don't have long to wait before you'll know the way ahead.



  • Kyle what we had in front of us its a fight i think will be a hard one. Only way to win its to not give up. For me its already total war .My wife put me on keto diet my nephew bring smoothie receipes And about me ......i will do me best to dont disappoint them