Please someone help me I'm so scared

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I have signs of IBC and can't get to a doctor until Monday I'm so scared. So my symptom is like a big bite but it hasn't gone in 4 weeks. But all the worst thoughts are going through my head. I'm 39 with 5 children eldest is 21 youngest is 9 and I'm scared to death. I can't stop crying all the denile that this is just a bug bite have gone and now I feel so scared. I just need to talk to someone who doesn't say I'm being silly.

  • Hi Tracey welcome to the forum and I am so very sorry to hear how worried that you are. You are not being at all silly but I want to say to keep calm until you need to get worried, as this could yet turn out to be a bite as you say, and not what you are thinking.

    I know it may feel like a long way away, but Monday will not be long in coming round. We will be thinking of you so please do come back and let us know how you get on. For now just breathe and whatever you do STAY OFF GOOGLE it is unreliable and not individualized enough.

    Sending some hugs your way for now xxx


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  • I will keep this updated I just keep crying but I'm hoping it's not as bad as I think also as its so small I must have caught it earlyish and that's always a good thing.

    So just trying to stay positive as much as I can.