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I have inflammatory as well as 2 large lumps, but I was wondering if the IBC tends to stay in the breast area or can it continue further up the chest and neck or down the trunk, arms etc.

I've not had a huge amount of luck finding a treatment that continues to work longer than a few months.  It seems to work on either 1 or the other but never both.

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    Sorry to read you are having finding a chemo regime that works on both :-/

    Unfortunately Inflammatory is classed as aggressive, that is why chemo is offered first in case any cells have travelled elsewhere.

    You would think considering the issues you are having they would go straight to surgery to remove it and give you follow up therapies to deal with any other risks of recurrence ?

    You could try asking this question in the main breast group to get other opinions.

    Good luck getting something sorted out, G n' J

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    Thanks @dreamchief

    Unfortunately I was diagnosed from the outset with additional lymph nodes involved when I found a lump so they have never considered surgery.  Then about a year ago I started getting symptoms of IBC which has now taken over both breasts

    So I'm just trying to find out a bit more on whether the thickening etc normally stays within the breasts or continues to spread through the skin