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Hi I had tonsillectomy 2 weeks ago and they have found the primary tumour in right hand side back of tongue. Before they start radiotherapy they have to remove lymph nodes in my right armpit on Friday as they suspect lymphoma.I am 58 years old and I am 6 ft tall .I have recently put on about half a stone in weight.Should I diet or will the weight help when I start the treatment I wanted to ask the doctor but I keep forgetting 

  • Hi  

    No keep the weight on. You will lose a bit through and after treatment. Some people actually bulk up before they start

    That's bummer re the possible lymphoma. Fingers crossed


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  • Hi nope keep the weight on you’ll need it. Good luck fingers x both Dani and I have a friend who got lymphoma about a year after her tonsil cancer. She’s 3 years in now 


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  • Thank you like I said I forgot to ask sometimes at the doctor's 

  • Thank you hope the biopsy comes back alright, it is holding up the radiotherapy 

  • The excess weight will not matter.  My dietitian actually told me to "eat, drink and be merry" over the Christmas period before I started treatment.  If at all possible you will want to maintain your weight during treatment as this will avoid the need to remake your mask.  Fingers crossed the additional biopsy does not throw up any further complications.

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  • Thank you to everyone who has replied me .I am hoping for good news regarding lymphoma biopsy but if it is positive I am under the impression that it is treatable but regarding the tongue cancer they are very confident it is treatable.Just hoping they can start treatment as soon as possible 

  • Hi, definitely keep the weight on. In fact I purposely gained weight so I could relax and not fret if I lost weight 

  • Thank you for replying I Will take the advice and enjoy my food while I can.Hopefully I can get fitter at a later date.

  • I kept exercising as long as I could. I stopped the last two weeks and the first of recovery and then restarted. It did a lot for my mental health 

  • Hi DesRoss

    Wow that is amazing that you managed to keep exercising up to the last 2 weeks of radiotherapy and were then able to start again so soon. I was absolutely smashed and was so fatigued that I could not even contemplate that. It was all I could do to walk to the letterbox in my front garden for a few weeks after finishing radiotherapy. It goes to show that everyone is different with their recovery. The good news is that I was eventually able to start exercising again but it was slowly, slowly for a few months and now as good as ever.