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Hello people I’m all but over the radiotherapy has anyone had hiccups a lot afterwards.  Also I had something make me cough this morning and I coughed up a. What looked like a piece of the lining of my throat 

  • What looked like a piece of the lining of my throat 

    There’s plenty of loose dead stuff to come out. I think we usually swallow it  so don’t be alarmed. How are you in yourself. 


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  • Hi Paulmc

    I had hiccups during my RT, they drove me insane, lol. Lasted for about a week after each session, hopefully they wont be with you for long. 



  • Hi Paul 

    Hiccups were a misery....quite common for CRT....sucking ice cubes helped a lot...they disappeared as quickly as they came.....constant coughing caused problems with an ongoing hernia issue....Oncology sorted that.... expedited a repair op as soon as I was fit enough for procedure.


  • Hi I’m ok thanks still tired. Started to eat  more soup less Fortisip. My burnt neck has healed up nicely.  Food tastes like I’ve burnt my tongue. Off morphine onto cocodamal if. Required.  And I’m sick of this weather 

  • I had and still get hiccups.  Mine seemed to be mainly driven by the administration of the chemo during treatment but now some weeks later I still get occasional bouts.  I've coughed up and swallowed lots of bits.  As long as there is no significant bleeding (most bits will be streaked with fresh blood) I'd not worry.

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  • The more I think about  swallowing my own throat.  Well it’s not quite right 

  • It is probably the equivalent of scabs that you may have on your skin coming off, but in this case they are inside you.  The throat has to heal and in my case I noticed thickened mucus allied with this happening.  Not sure if it is the bodies way of protecting the sensitive areas.  I got really used to it when I had my 2x tonsillectomies.  It has got to go somewhere!

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  • Had the hiccups for weeks after treatment quite disturbing at the time but now after a year, for some weird reason I don’t get hiccups eating a hot curry. All the best in your recovery and it is a relief when the voice returns.