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my partner is 15 radiotheraphy down ,15 to go  and his 2nd chemo on thursday .

he is doing okay but very tired and is dozing for about 1 hour at lunchtime and again late afternoon..but they have said if he needs to sleep do so. i found this forum and have picked up lots of tips from here and wanted to thank those that come on with helpful advise .

  • Hi  

    Stay with us. There’s lots of useful advice here and usually somebody to chat to. Give your husband a hug from me and tell him he’s doing well. 
    Sleep is good. It heals the body. Xx


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  • thank you ..he is not one to come on forums but i have learnt alot ..and seeing the blogs has given me hope that everything will turn out okay

  • Hi Debs 5853. Best advise listen to your body if hubby needs to sleep then that’s what he heeds. As treatment progresses everything builds up tenember once treatment finished he will more  than likely continue to feel worse. It’s all par for the course. Any questions just ask one of us will always  try ti get back to you. It’s hard but if I can do it anyone can. 
    Hugs Hazel 

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

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  • Thank you both ...2nd chemo done..13 radio to do..