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Hi, so I am 7 weeks post treatment and saw my oncologist this morning.  Talked him through my progress to date - which was going reasonably well up until the end of Wk 5.  That's when, for some reason, I decided to eat some chocolate covered peanuts.  Why I did this, when I couldn't even taste them, I really don't know.  Think I just got cocky given I was doing so well with other foods, different textures etc.  Anyway, I had a super violent coughing fit, followed by hideous mucus/saliva problems which resulted in sickness for 3 nights (only at night). I guess, I injured my throat pretty badly and the last two weeks have felt hard. I'd come off painkillers in wk 2 (post treatment) but I'm feeling pain again now when swallowing - noticeable but not terrible. I've not gone back on pain meds. Also had a little bit of blood (light streaking) when coughing last night. Now that I'm home I'm processing all that was mentioned this morning... my oncologist says that everything I described is all fine and no cause for alarm but then he also said patients usually heal from radiotherapy within 6 weeks. In the scheme of things, my recovery is still pretty good but I feel like I've totally messed up given recovery was going so well until I sabotaged myself with those damn chocolate peanuts (doh!).  Has anyone else had solid recovery and then a setback like this and how long did it take to get back on track...? 

  • I wasn’t healed for months. Your oncologist seems to belong to the “You’ll be better two weeks after treatment” club. It’s a big club. 
    I was still on morphine at 12 weeks. 
    If you really have done damage then it’s just a setback. 
    Good idea to go back on pain meds. Why suffer? I’m sure a few weeks will have you back on the path to recovery. 

    he also said patients usually heal from radiotherapy within 6 weeks.


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  • I was coming along nicely after chemoradio, throat and mouth ulcers were quieting down, weaned off the oramorph and slow release morphine, getting back to sleeping well.

    Then I had hernia repair surgery which was badly needed, intubation damaged my throat causing pain and swallowing issues, seemed like the problem would last forever but after a few weeks of discomfort the issue did respond to treatment ... short course of sleeping pills certainly helped get me through difficult nights.

  • Hi Can onky agree with what  Dani  I has to say to back on the pain killers it’s not a backward step it’s a sensible thing to do. I was in opitates until around week 13 . Remember its a marathon not sprint, I’ve been in the forum over 5 years and can’t recall anyine feeling anythjng like normal. It’s a conversation I have with my oncologist every time I see him ! 
    Top top chocolate raisins and peanuts the chocolate is probably the worse I have come across. I personally have chocolate now with at least 70% cocoa anything less burns my mouth. 
    you’ll get there just just takes time. 
    Hazel xx

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