Crichpharangeal myotomaa done!

Surgery completed on Thursday at last, Removed a small tumour too waiting for results!  Fairly long incision, goodcscarvI hope!  Very stiff neck, very uncomfortable strange feeling throat. After Chemoradiation though this is nothing!  I now have to learn to eat food again!  I'm not really sure how or where to start.  Its sounds crazy but having not eaten food for over a year, I'm not really interested in food!  Can't believe I'm saying that, foody that I was.  Has anybody got any suggestions beside the more obvious.  My stomach has only known liquids for so long.  I can't believe I'm finding the prospect scary!   My target is Xmas dinner!!!!!

Has anybody else had this procedure following throat cancer?  Do taste buds and salivary glands return????  Desperate to taste something!!!!  I recognise sweet but couldn't tell you what is was????  I'm sure somebody has some suggestions.   

  • Hi. Thanks for the update. Hope you recover well

    I can see where you’re coming from regarding food but like you say, you have to start somewhere. Your throat needs something to grip so thick soups and porridge might be a start. Tinned rice pudding, tinned macaroni cheese, tinned peaches, bananas, poached eggs. Those might go down ok 

    Maybe once you start eating your taste buds will kick in. I used to blow air from my mouth up the back of my nose when I was chewing. The smell enhanced the taste of the food 


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  • That's interesting.  I never lost my sense of smell.  It all smells great the a big nothing!!!!  I bought one on the Macmillan recipe books that might inspire me!  I'll have to watch Masterchef!!!!!!!

  • Hi Pauline. Well done and  fingers x. Try Dani’s  suggestions plus here’s a link as well.
    hugs Hazel 

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  • Hi Pauline

    That's great that the surgery is now done and you can start moving forward. Eating is scary after all that time on fluids. I know what you mean when you say that food no longer really interests you. I am much the same although I can eat puree and some very soft foods. I am not much fussed  about food anymore although I know I have to eat healthily and keep up the calories although things will go downhill. My taste is still not right and it wont ever change now after 2 lots of radiotherapy in 2013 and 2019. I have just accepted that things taste differently to other people but it is O.K. When I cook something I have to get my husband to taste test and adjust according to his directions as I can't tell if it is right. It doesn't really worry me anymore as I have a semblance of taste at least.

    You just have to bite the bullet and start with something small and don't push yourself. You will eventually get into some sort of routine and find some puree or soft foods that work for you. It is a time for experimentation.Perhaps try a thickshake with pureed fruit and icecream for starters and work from there. Don't try to eat too much to begin with or put too much pressure on yourself. You will get there. Your dietician and speech pathologist will have some good suggestions.

    Best wishes