Week 8 post treatment Throat& lymph node

Hello everybody I hope you’re all doing well.  I’m now week 8 post/ treatment and still can’t eat with conviction! Still really hurts. When I do try and my throat objects, it sets me back days with the constant mucus /saliva battle trying to fix whatever damage I did with my fish finger.  Then this week I contracted a sickness bug vomited yuk for 24 hours and now I’m back to saliva world and really sore.  Why is my healing taking so long ; is it because I can’t eat proper food? Is it perhaps the “zone” that got most of the hammering was where my tonsils were so fresh wounds ? It’s becoming tiresome, depressing and I’m getting still progressively thinner which my consultant raises an eyebrow at, I don’t know what he expects!   I know recovery is really really slow but surely t should I not be starting to feel a lot better? It’s endless. 

  • Hi  

     Why is my healing taking so long ;

    It’s not. Some people are eating well by 8 weeks, most not

    I was still on morphine at 12 weeks 

    Recovery is a relentless plod two steps forward and one back. 
    I wasn’t happy with eating till six months 

    You’ll get there. These things can’t be hurried. If you’re losing weight maybe try some high calorie high protein smoothies. You don’t HAVE to eat if you can’t but you do have to have enough protein and carbs to heal properly 


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  • Hi there.  Try high calorie foods.  I had lots double cream with tinned peaches, soggy weetabix, choc mousse.  Keep going.  It does get better.   Lizzie x

  • Hi NixtheNoo

    It takes time to recover and everybody's journey is very different. Please be kind to yourself and take each day at a time. I remember feeling frustrated too at not getting better as quickly as I had expected to but I learnt to be patient and kinder to myself. Do not force yourself to eat if you cannot, just eat what you enjoy and only if you can.  I finished my treatment at the end of September 2022, started being able to drink my fortisip by mid of December and had my peg taken out at the end of December I  could not eat until January 2023. When I could have food again I stuck to soft food that I enjoyed like chocolate mousse with loads of extra whipped cream (absolutely amazing to be able to be able to have so much cream without feeling guilty! ), crème caramel and smoothies that would include fortisip (to make sure I had enough calories) smooth peanut butter, oat /almond milk for instance. When I tried to re-introduce solid food , it would take me forever so I used to distract myself and eat in front of my favourite series/films. You are doing very well and you will keep on getting better. It is perfectly natural to feel down and exhausted , your body and your mind need time to process it all. Are you seeing a counsellor? This helped me. 

    You are amazing and you will get there,. I am sending you loads of positive vibes. 


  • This post really resonates with me. I am 5 weeks post treatment and thought things were going really well. I've been eating pretty well but the last few days have been struggling with the mucus/saliva battle. Am guessing I too have done some damage with the different things I've been eating. Had a horrible coughing fit after my meal on Friday which I think left everything raw. I've been trying to second guess what's causing the problem which is why it's so good to be on here as you get to sense check whether what we're experiencing is to be expected. I think we just have to roll with the punches and take each day (and side effect) as it comes. Sorry you've had a sickness bug on top of everything else. Hope you're feeling better soon. 

  • Same here!

    im 5 months since radiotherapy and I can eat but I’m slow and food tastes poo I don’t enjoy eating now.

    i have lost 5 stone!! The Doctors and nurses don’t like you to loose weight, as its not good for you during and straight after treatment.

    as others have said you have to try get your calories in anyway you can!

    Mac Donald’s milkshake and ice cream were my go to when needed calories 550 calories lol. I needed 2000 calories a day… not easy when you can’t eat much.

    you will get there hang in Thumbsup

  • Hi there, my dietician told me I needed sufficient calories and protein in order to heal. I have a RIG tube and was encouraged to keep swallowing soft foods to maintain my swallow muscles, and when I started to lose weight my feed was upped. I was told if I was losing weight I wasn't getting sufficient calories to heal. High calorie high protein drinks may speed your healing process x