Feeding tube replacement

My partner was due to have his feeding tube replaced this week. Last Thursday he saw his consultant radiographer who talked him into just having it removed and cutting down on all his medication. It's 6 weeks since he finished his radiotherapy. Anyway on Friday he started with stomach flu so was being sick and backwards and forwards to the loo. He ate hardly anything despite my coaxing. He went to the doctors on Monday who said he was dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He had been really down and started with anxiety about eating in case it made him sick and also the terrible taste you get. We decided the best thing was to have the feeding tube put back as it would take his anxiety away and he would try and eat as well. Long story short! They said he had to go to A&E to have one so he went this morning. They took bloods and put him on a drip. They have made him feel pathetic for wanting the tube back in l am fuming about it. They have now kept him in overnight as the doctor didn't have time to do it. He can't be the only person who after 6 weeks needs another feeding tube, especially for his mental health.