Throat stretch

Well as you know I am struggling with my swallowing, I can’t even swallow mucus, well I had my appointment with my ENT Consultant on Thursday and he looked at my throat through the camera up my nose and I have to have my throat stretched. 
I just wanted to know if any of you guys have had it done so I know what to expect. The most I can get down is still just soup and similar, even my mucus won’t go down. Any information would really be appreciated. 
Lillian xxx

  • Hi Lillian

    I personally have not had my throat stretched buy my father who was in his 80's at that stage had it done a couple of times as he had difficulty swallowing although not as a result of cancer.  It was very successful for him although it did not completely fix things. He still had to make sure that he drank water when eating and did not eat anything that was too dry or large. He had to make sure that he chewed everything thoroughly before swallowing. He passed on at the wonderful age of 96 so the throat stretching made a big difference to him.

    I do hope that you get equally as positive results when you get your throat stretched.

    Good luck



  • Thank you so much for that information Lyn, it makes me feel so much better to know that it works. I only hope now that I get it done soon as I can’t wait to be able to eat again but mainly just to be able to swallow properly again.  Thank you again,  Lillian xxx

  • Hi

    I had throat cancer at the sametime as you!

    I still cannot eat, I'm on pump feeding.  My ENT Consultant told me  they couldn't do a throat stretch.  I have a muscle spasm in my throat and damage to my throat.  However, he has agreed to give me a Cricopharyngeal myotoma, they basically cut the back of the throat.  I have at last got the app for next week if the  Consultants/Drs get their act together, been waiting months!  No guarantees of anything but I no longer feel I have a choice.  I'm very frustrated with the pump feeding, I just need to eat now.  I have 'eaten' since August 22!  I'd be very interested to know how you get on!     Pauline.   X

  • Oh Pauline, so glad you’ve reached a decision and have a date . Hope the myotomy goes ok and fixes the problem 


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  • Hi Pauline, went in on Monday to have the opp done but apparently when he went in with his instrument apparently the reason why I couldn’t swallow food was that the muscle at the top of my throat had tightened and because I was under anaesthetic it relaxed so when he touched it it just popped open, which was how he described it. Any way, fingers crossed I can now swallow soups and very soft foods again but just hoping it doesn’t happen again.  I’m so sorry to hear about your predicament and I hope you have a good outcome.  Please keep me updated and I’ll be thinking about you. 
    Lillian xxx

  • Hi Pauline Everything x for you kerp in touch
    Hazel x

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