SNUC post from 3years ago!! Is it possible to connect?

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Hi everyone,I hope this message finds you all as well as you possibly can be.I’ve been awake since 2am with the usual anxieties whirring through my head so I did my usual searching of the forums when  I came across 2 members posts which literally could have been my husband posting about his experience,I’m not sure why they haven’t come up before but I felt such relief to actually find someone with the exact same diagnosis that I could reach out to (don’t get me wrong I am extremely grateful to those of you that have replied to me previously) but then I realised that the posts were from 3 years ago,it’s a rare form of cancer so I really felt I could maybe get a bit of reassurance despite the fact I know everyone’s response to treatment is different.Is it possible to find specific members and see if they still use the boards? One lady in particular could really help me User name Warrior girl (Dee) Please can anyone help me xxx