Week 6 radiotherapy- mucus

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I'm in week 6 of radiotherapy, 3 sessions to go, and having a nightmare with mucus while trying to sleep. Keep waking up every hour to cough it up gross! I have Mucodyne to take 3 times a day, rinse my mouth with Caphosol 6 times a day and I sleep propped up! My throat is sore from all the coughing and actually feels dry now!

Any other suggestions? I would really like to get a few hours sleep Sleeping I'm knackered Laughing 

Thanks Dee

  • Hi Dee I asked for carbusistine to be prescribed it helps thin the mucus..

    But I also found Diet Coke, soda water or diet dry ginger helped ti break it up if I could rinse it round try to gargle some then spit it out thrn try sipping through a star. If utd sny help it goes as quickly as it came often replaced with dry mouth thats a story if it’s own. 
    I was given soft pink sponges in a stick to put in mouth and try ti pull the mucus out it’s disgusting but helped.

    250 x Easy Care Solutions Oral Pink Swabs | Disposable Pink Oral Foam Swabsticks | Mouth Cleaning Stick Swab | Pack of 250 (1 Pack of 250) https://amzn.eu/d/hNXg7r7

    Think you can  buy off Amazon plus spitting constantly 

    hugs Hazel 

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  • Hi Dee

    It’s awful isn’t it? 
    The only relief I got was to sip water in the night then spit. Trying to cough it up dry just made my throat even more sore. I kept a kitchen roll by the bed and just threw the used ones on the floor to gather up in the morning.

    I was never offered carbocysteine. It doesn’t help everyone and I see you are already on it  
    Keeping the bedroom warm and humid helps too so a humidifier by the bed can be useful

    I steamed my head over a bowl of water a couple of times a day for the worst week and some people swear by nebulisers. 
    Best of luck 


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  • I have sparkling water so will give that a go. I had those pink sponges on a stick when I was in hospital, they are very good. The dentist gave me a stick with circular brush to pull it out, totallyBlushross but better out then in ! Thanks Blush 

  • Tbh I think carbocysteine might be making it worse as its supposed to help cough it up which I don't really want to ge doing all night! Thanks Dani Blush 

  • I sip on soda water during the day which seems to help.  I’m 4 weeks post radiology for tonsil and lymph gland cancer and the constant spitting and cough up continues which adds to the already existing discomfort in my throat.  It’s hard going.  Post treatment is tricky, they don’t quite prepare you for that - if you get your pain management regime nailed you’ll be on a winner.  Sleep when you need, don’t feel guilty about being knackered cos it will floor you.  Sleep is part of the body healing itself. I’m getting better day by day but it is very slow, frustrating but rest is the key.  One day at a time, get better soon, sending healing thoughts Gift heart