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 i finally finished the treatment last week, but i still have a cancerous node left and haven't been told what is going to happen next, i wanted to know has anyone had any experience of using a nebuliser? is it worth trying to get one from my useless gp surgery? as the mucus is quite severe and causing me to vomit when i choke on it, more so at night which means i am losing the strict ration of ensure that i put through the feeding tube, i have tried steaming it didn't do a thing, have been given carbocisteine, but where it breaks down the mucus it was making me choke more and vomit more, so have knocked that on the head, also had severe nausea side effect with it. thank you

  • Hi ichi

    Nebulisers work really well for a lot of folk so definitely worth trying. Amazon. 
    I managed without but heck, did I have to spend a lot of time spitting. 


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  • Hi Ichi I used one although the mucus was not too bad for me.  I brought it off Amazon along with the 3% saline solution to put in the nebuliser.  I found it was effective in clearing my mucus and have been back on using it once or twice as I recovered and mucus started to worry me again.

    The one I used was a OMRON C102 currently on Amazon at £39

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  • Hi Ichi

    Well sone for getting through treatment.

    Sorry to hear about the mucos issue, I also struggled .

    Nevulisers really work for lots of people, I was lucky and was loaned a suction machine from my local hospital ( sorted by my Cancer Nurse Specialist).

    Gargling with salt water  helped a little.Lots say carbonated water helps also.

    Hope its starts to thin naturally soon and becomes less troublesome Fingers crossed


  • Even now I find carbonated water really helps me break down anything troubling my throat.  I had forgotten about it as I drink it all the time!

    See my profile for more details of my convoluted journey
  • My hospital lent me one, it really helped, and u stayed on anti sickness for weeks. 

    The mucus was awful, ...the smell I'll never forget it, and the sickness. 

    It does get better but it's one aspect I'll never forget, are you still under the head and neck team? Call to them might be better than GP, mines unless I'm dreading being signed back to them


  • I never had a nebuliser only a humidifier which worked well. The mucus was just awful but once I got the humidifier, I got some sleep