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Right sided tonsil cancer. Some spread on left side and 2nodes.Im due to have radiation in two weeks. There are other things going on but they want to deal with this first.

  • Hi Frank 

    Tough treatment but no real choice in the matter..... have you had a PEG feeding tube fitted?.... keep the forum updated on your progress.....lots of support and sound advice from others who have walked the treatment walk.

    Take care and best of luck 


  • Hi Frank29, sorry to hear your diagnosis, but you are in the right place for help and advice.. I will echo the need for a PEG, or feeding tube.. you're more than likely going to get problems with swallowing, so best to be prepared for that if the need arises.. someone will be along to offer more advice, etc.. so stick around.. the advice that I received throughout my treatment was priceless. cheers.

    Loz (61)

    Oropharyngeal right tongue base T2N2bM0 squamous cell carcinoma p16 positive.. 

  • Hi Frank, sorry you have had to join us. The treatment is tough; however the cure rate is very high, many on here have had the same, and here to tell the tale. Any worries or questions you have along the way, just ask, someone will always answer if they can. All the best with your treatment.