oral cancer

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I have a cousin in India Mumbai who has recently been diagnosed with oral cancer '  cervical lymph node metastasis of squmous carcinoma of tongue' , I took this from one of his recent tests that he had done.

Naturally family all worried, he is 40 married with a young son, family have opted to go for immunotherapy treatment when I spoke to his younger brother my cousin the other day he asked me to try and get some more information if possible from here and that is why I have joined this group to see if others have been through similar diagnosis and treatment that may be of some comfort/useful on his my cousin's recovery journey.

Last week he had his first immunotherapy session and prior to that he had surgery to his tong and neck area as many bad cells as they could find, doctors have said some cancer has spread to his brain and from what I understand it is at stage 3.

I would be very grateful to get replies from people who have had similar experiences journeys, thanks.

Just to add he has been a hemophiliac since birth.