Worried sick oral cancer symptoms?

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Hi everyone.

I am looking for a bit of advice after worrying myself sick!

Around 4 weeks ago I noticed a smooth painless  bump at the back of my mouth on the upper gum, near my molar. 
The lump comes and goes. Theres no different texture to this or change in colour to this area. 
it seems to appear after I eat or rub my tongue over it too much and goes back down after around half an hour. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all and its not there for a whole day. It feels quite firm when it appears but completely disappears again after a short time. It is under the gum rather than growing externally and is less than the size of a pea. 

I am terrified this could be oral cancer. I am booked into see dentist in 2 weeks time however would really welcome any advice or opinions. 

i am a 35 year old, female ex smoker 

thank you in advance! 

  • Hi Worried

    if unhappy with the swelling your dentist will usually tell you to book a visit to your GP ASAP....maybe just go ahead and let your GP make a judgement? if GP is unhappy GP should get you an urgent referral to ENT.


  • The lump comes and goes.

    As an oral cancer sufferer I can say that doesn’t sound like anything sinister but get it checked out anyway 


    Base of tongue cancer. T2N0M0 6 weeks Radiotherapy finished January 2019

    I wrote a blog about my cancer. just click on the link below 


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  • If in doubt - insist on a referral to ENT with your GP! Dentists are awesome, they have loads of training and can do X-Rays but I bet that even if they were reasonably confident it wasn’t sinister they’d recommend you see your GP. No one wants to miss or misdiagnose these days so it’s better seeing the people who deal with this stuff at the coalesce ie ENT consultants!!