Arm pain from nerve pressure

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New here - I’ve joined the online community because my hubby  who had oropharyngeal cancer 10 years ago and h beat it, has recently been diagnosed with a new neck cancer with a secondary lung cancer in the mediastinum.

Following all the RT on the tonsil area all those years ago, there was such significant damage to his salivary ducts and tongue, that it wasn’t unusual for him to choke on food, regurgitate and have a  phlegmy cough often. That’s why we didn’t realise that something else was going on recently. After back to back chest infections, a chest X-ray led to a CT scan which led to EBUS biopsy and that confirmed a squamous cell cancer tumour (same as before). They phoned two weeks ago with that news and scheduled a neck MRI for previous cancer site, and a PET scan. Just got the news over telephone that PET scan shows a primary tumour in the neck near the old cancer site. 

We’re still awaiting an appointment with the consultant to talk about what stage we’re at and whether or not it’s incurable but I wanted to join this community this time (I didn’t last time so it’s a bit new to me) - I feel like the support of being amongst others who might be living with these things day to day might help.

I’m very worried about him as he’s visibly deteriorating daily - the latest issue is an intensifying nerve pain in his right arm on the side of the neck tumour. Three days ago he was running about at work as a restaurant manager, and within the past couple of days he’s been grey and dosed up on the strongest painkillers I could buy - it’s 

Anyone got any ways of helping with this arm pain thing? 
Thanks for listening! So many questions at this stage!

  • Hi   so sorry to hear your husbands cancer has come back. I would get back to his team regarding the arm pain to start with.

    I guess you're looking at immunotherapy, maybe, and his hospital might be able to provide it but I do know the Royal Marsden has a special centre for head and neck cancer recurrence and they are running trials on novel therapies. It would definitely be worth getting a referral there,recurrent%20head%20and%20neck%20cancers.

    Good luck


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  • Hi spanny welcome to the group, although I'm very sorry that you have had to. It must be such a shock to have this news again after 10 years, I think having it return is at the back of a lot of people's minds, I know it is mine. I really do hope that the scans do show that they can treat and cure him. It's good that you have joined the group, we are all here to help, so ask as many questions and as often, as you want, someone will answer if they can.



  • Hi Spanny

    So sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. After 10 years you would think that he was in the clear.

    I had another occurrence of jaw cancer 6 years after my first diagnosis and treatment and then another 2 years after that. I have been treated successfully and am back to living a happy life. I do hope that your husband has the same result. I've got everything crossed for him.

    Sending you both my very best wishes. Sorry I can't help with the arm pain. I would discuss with his specialist.



  • Thank you for your kind comments - I only just figured out how to reply! Blush
    The MDT meets tomorrow to discuss and I hope we’ll be allocated to a consultant shortly after that. 

  • It sounds like you’ve been through it! Your heart must have sunk to have to steel yourself ready for treatment again.

    So glad to hear that you’re doing well now. X

  • Hi Spanny

    Yes I must admit I was a bit down for a while when I heard the news of needing more treatment. However it is amazing how we can dig deep and find the strength to put our heads down and go for it. I am glad I did and the third occurrence I found much easier to manage mentally. It is 2 years since my last treatment and all is going well. I had an upper jaw reconstruction op last year and that has really made a difference.

    Let us know how your husband gets on. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed for both of you.