Hi everyone, to all you tonsil cancer Survivors, quick question, does everyone avoid alcohol or do you enjoy alcohol drinks as before, are we advised not to drink after treatment? thanks 

  • I hear you.   You’re right.  This cancer takes so much.  Best wishes.  Lizzie 

  • I drink quite happily (hic!).  I did find that my taste in drink changed and continues to change.  I am off larger and more into real/pale ales.  I prefer red but will also drink white wine.  Clearly moderation is in order!

  • Hi Brian

    I couldn't face alcohol for 12 months but now 20 months post RT I enjoy a glass of red wine and occasional glass of whiskey I do enjoy a pint of Guinness most afternoons (if I'm not driving in the evenings) It helps the appetite and has the same calories as the Fortisip and tastes so much better.


  • Thank you everyone! Good to know some of you are enjoying a guilt free drink, and that you’ve been told it’s ok in moderation. 

    I guess I beat myself up some times as I am so scared it will come back, I know we have good odds on our side but I just can’t help feel like I’m just waiting for the return! I should just enjoy being free and lucky I know! 

    love this group though and Turri if your on here hope it’s going ok xx

  • Hi Delilah.  I have the same feelings as you sometimes.  I guess most people do.  Take care.  Lizzie

  • Well I am 9 months post treatment for right sided HPV tonsil Cancer stage one ,node one. And have just frightened myself silly as I have just started enjoying a cold beer or two.I was going to ask mBlushconsultant if It was okay. But after reading everyone's answers I feel reassuredBlush

  • glad your enjoying your beer!! It’s funny when treatment finishes we all want to start doing normal things, then we do we worry if it’s ok!! I think we all deserve a few treats after what we’ve been through, having lost so much weight I have never enjoyed so many guilt free cakes in my life!! 

  • I used to read lots of studies while undergoing treatment Just to keep my mind busy and because knowledge gives you a sense of control Even if it is not really true

    Of course heavy drinking is a big risk For low to moderate consumption causation was not proven afaik The bigger concern was strong alcohol I even remember cases of people overusing mouth wash etc At the same time people who work at wineries and taste wine every single day do not have any extra risk associated 

    So I made my choice and drink ales and wines and enjoy them immensely Wine took a bit of time to get used to once again but 4 years later I am again able to distinguish Brunello from Barolo Smile

  • Well said Merrygoround

    I love you life ethos, none of us want to tempt providence however it just feels like so much of our former lives were taken away in an instantso anything that can make us feel normal again is at least food for the soul

    Keep positive but after a few beers I really do long for a red wine

  • Me too (red wine is the ultimate goal!) and yes our souls need soothing. 

    Cheers x