Cyst in front of tongue

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Good Morning all.

i wi see if you can give me some advice? I have a lump/cyst inside my tongue. It seems to be at the front right of my tongue but moves around slightly. I sometimes feels like it’s quite large and then seems to move. I think I noticed it a few weeks ago when I licked my lips and then didn’t notice again for a few weeks.

I have been to the GP who has put me in the referral list and have an appointment in the hospital this Friday.

I am absolutely terrified that this is cancer, I have gone down a rabbit hole of google which is worrying me even more. I am scared to go to the appointment. My question is ……. What will happen in the appointment, (it says in the letter that no surgeries will take place, so I guess it is just a talk?) If I need a biopsy how long does that take? What is the survival rate? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • What will happen in the appointment,

    Hi. Your consultant will have a good look round your mouth and feel your neck for lymph nodes. They may look at the back of your throat with a small endoscope passed up your nose. This isn’t painful, just a little unpleasant. They are pretty good at recognising g cancer so with a bit of luck they will be able to tell you right away that you’re clear. 
    Biopsies are usually arranged within a couple of weeks and reported back in a similar time scale. 
    Please leave Google alone. Statistics are necessarily retrospective and now out of date. There’s other stuff out there which is inaccurate and frightening as you’ve discovered. 
    Survival rates for cancer are excellent. 
    I had tongue cancer treated over five years ago. 
    Friday will come and go and you don’t know till you know. 90% of referrals are not cancer 


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  • Thank you for replying Dani. With the cyst being kind of inside my tongue, can the consultant still tell? 

  • Hi Lisa. I’m just trying to say there are certain lesions in the mouth that are commonplace and obviously not cancer. ENTs see a lot of them but they don’t know everything. So if the clinician is not sure they will order a biopsy. Please don’t panic and try to second guess. I know how awful the not knowing is but you just have to get on and keep busy. 


    Base of tongue cancer. T2N0M0 6 weeks Radiotherapy finished January 2019

    I wrote a blog about my cancer. just click on the link below 

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

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  • Hi can’t add to what Dani’s said. Keep off Dr Google and remember if you’re unlucky enough to join us head snd neck  cancers have an excellent cure rate . Plus gp s csnt know everything hence the refferal over 90% of referrals aren’t cancer. 
    Go to the appointment   I’m 6 years post treatment for tonsil cancer and living a fab life. 

    Hazel xx

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  • Thank you both for the replies! I will let you all know what happens on Friday! 

  • I had something similar - and I had  a red flag to raise any issues in my mouth with my cancer team - Once the oral surgery consultant had checked it I was informed that it was trauma probably caused by unknowingly rubbing my tongue against a piece of rough tooth.  I hope this is a similar outcome for you.

    See my profile for more details of my convoluted journey
  • Oh I hope so Peter! I have had quite a bit of stress over the last few months and developed OCD whereby I have been clenching my jaw a lot! Hoping it’s something like that! Thanks for your well wishes! 

  • This is one reason we strongly recommend not using Dr Google Lisa K, everything is speculation at the moment so let the consultant examine you and give his/hers professional opinion. You must go to the appointment with a clear head and discard what you have read online. In some cases, the consultant can give you some indication of whether it's cancer or not but will not provide a definite answer until further scans, biopsies etc are done. On my first appointment, my consultant was 99.9% sure that it was cancer and i had x-rays and a biopsy done straight away based on his vast experience but most of the time the meeting will be a talk and outline of the next steps as each case is different. The survival rates of head and neck cancers are excellent but hopefully, everything comes back clear for you, best of luck for Friday Lisa. Take care.

                                                                         Chris x

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Thanks Chris! I will have my fingers and toes  crossed for a good outcome! Again thank u for getting back to me, it has put my mind at rrest!!

  • Hi All. I have been to see consultant today. He thinks the lump is a blood clot in my tongue. He does not think it is cancerous which is amazing news. I am booked in next week for a biopsy, which will be tested to be on the safe side. 
    Thank you for all your help over the past few days!