Basal cell adenocarcinoma

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I have just been diagnosed with basal cell adenocarcinoma, 

Last October I found a small lump in my neck, I had biopsies,  which came back as benign,  but they wanted to remove it as it could turn to cancer. 

It was a tumer in my saliva gland, 

After several scans and cancelled operations they have now said its in to deep and to large to remove. 

If they tried it would cause disfigurment and they wouldn't be able to remove it all, 

They have also said because of the way it's growing and the speed it is now a cancer,

Basal cell adenocarcinoma  a rare cancer in the paritoid gland  .

In a few weeks I'm having 6 weeks of radiotherapy mon to Friday every week.

But after that there is no more treatment I can have, 

The tumer is T4a N0 M0 not completely sure what that means but I'm not thinking it's good.

Has anyone else heard of this cancer,

Thanks mjj64

  • Hi Mjj

    Never heard of this particular cancer....I was diagnosed with T2N1M0 HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Feb 2023.....30 radiotherapy+ 4 chemo.... tough regime...I hope radiotherapy works for you...I'm pretty sure some of the regular forum posters will have some knowledge of basal cell adenocarcinoma, 

    Take care and best of luck


  • Hi 

    Hope your OK now, thank you for the reply, 

    Yes my radiotherapy is 30 days over 6wks. 

    Bit scared of the side effects,  :))


  • Hi Maria

    Natural to be scared ....Cancer is mentally and physically draining.

    Side effects of RT can be very challenging....though some tolerate the treatment better than others...most of us on here have walked the treatment walk so feel free to come back with any questions or concerns during the coming months....plenty of support and advice from some wonderful and brave people.

    Doing well....still recovering ....recovery takes to the Canaries tomorrow with my wife....who badly needs the holiday for putting up with my moans.


  • Good eveningt mjj64, i have not heard of this cancer as my head and neck cancers were in other areas, there are so many areas in the head and neck that can be hard to operate without causing more problems. I know that head and neck cancers have a good cure rate and have advanced so much from when i first had cancer in 2008 , you will get the best treatment available. Its only natural to be worried but you will be well cared for along the way and hopefully, the side effects will not be too harsh and all goes well for you. All the best.


    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Thank you, when my husband asked if it was terminal,  they said they have nothing to compare it with because it's so rare, 

    And It's 4.6cm not spread at the moment but I have to have a ct scan on thur to see if it's spread to my chest, they don't has but just to be sure, 

    I also had a tooth out ready for the radiotherapy and my mask being done on Wed,

    Lots of things happening,  all very fast, 

  • Hi Maria

    I had 3 molars times....mask fitting was OK but just seemed is a very busy time prior to start of RT....hopefully the RT will zap your tumour ...destroy it.

    Stay positive and take care


  • Hi it’s routine for all head and neck cancer patients ti be checked for lung spread it’s rare in it does  at diagnosis so try not to worry. If you use the search button at the top the magnifying glass but parotid gland cancer it will bring up other posts. Nothing to fear re the mask tge staff are very good at putting you at ease. 

    Hazel x

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help  

  • Wow 3 I have a phobia of dentists I have to have intervenus sedation if I need anything done, 

    They didn't offer that becuase  I had a cardiac arrest and was in icu for 5 weeks the exact time last year

    Now I have a defibrillator fitted,  nothing wrong with my heart,  just irregular rhythm, 

    I had oral sedation instead, it wasn't to bad, :))

    Thank you for all your advice


  • Thank you, you have Bern through so much I don't know if I could cope with all that, 

    I had a cardiac arrest at home on the 31st of May last year. 

    It was pure luck my husband was home. 

    I was put in an induced coma for 3 wks then had pneumonia,  

    I then had a defibrillator fitted,  nothing was wrong with my heart,  

    It' was because of a irregular heart beat. 

    I was out of hospital 12 das then suffered a PE so back in for another 5 days, 

    I had to learn how to walk again.

    Now a year later this has happened, 

    It's all a bit much,  I'm a carer for my dad he has dementia and my mum is in a care home with dementia, 

    But I'm a fighter if I can survive a cardiac arrest let's hope I conquer this :))

    Good luck woth all that you have gone through and you now lead a healthy happy life


  • Hi Maria

    Heavens you have had a rough ride this past while.....certainly due a change of luck.... you are a will win.

    lovely cat...