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Hi All

I am 9 weeks post treatment and have just had my NG tube removed after 3 months.

I’ve tried various different types of food but I seem to be struggling with most things.

Inside my mouth, my tongue and my teeth are still really sensitive which has been an issue with some foods. Anything too acidic or containing herbs seems to be an issue.

So far I’ve been surviving on porridge and fortisips.

Can you share with me any hints and tips about what to try next? And any tips for how to actually take the food to make it more manageable?

Thank you


  • Hi  

    In no particular order. Scrambled egg kept moist by adding Philly cheese. Poached eggs. Pasta...over cook it and add a white sauce....not tomato. Tinned macaroni cheese and rice pudding. Tinned peaches. Toasted teacakes with lashings of butter. Cheese on toast, even if you just eat the cheese. Toasted bread is much easier to chew and swallow than bread. Shop bought trifles and mousses. Very slow cooked lamb which is fatty and soft. Dunked biscuits. Smoothies. Full fat Greek (not Greek-style) . Add honey...proper honey not supermarket stuff (I keep'd never guess...ha ha. Message me and I'll send you some free)

    These are just a few

    Well done on getting through. The hard part starts now but don't get discouraged. Recovery is two steps forward, one or even three back but the trajectory is ever forwards.


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  • Hi What Dani has. Suggested was my go to food for many many months. Baked custard just eat the middle pastry takes forever. I gradually replace the ensure/ fortisip drinks with food whike all the time aiming for 200 calories. Toasted fruit teacake well buttered with grated cheese gave me 500 calories ok it took for ever to eat cut into quarters. Crumpets well buttered. Add double cream to plain veg soups blitz in a blender .  Forget about taste or enjoyment it’s food is fuel was my mantra.
    I used herbal tea to wash food down a small imposter with food then small stomach down , acting like saliva.
     I also ate on small plates,dinner plate over faced me and had 6 small meals a day.tinned peaches with custard extra calories smashed banana not smoothies look at this link

    Some days 2 forward and 1 back make sure yiu drink as well  plus listen to yiur body if yiu have a busy day make the next day a quiet one  

    Hugs Hazel 

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  • Hi Suzanne

    My go-to for a while was minced beef and mash, also macaroni and cheese....washed down with Guinness 0% alcohol.


  • Hi I am slightly in front of you and I think Dani has summed up most things that you will find acceptable.  I had a long talk with my dietitian yesterday and they suggested most of what's on Dani's list.

    Adding to it they suggested - pulled pork, stewed/braised beef, very finely sliced steak.

    I am mainly on pasta and over processed supermarket ready meals (not my choice but needs must).  Fish pie (mash topping not pastry) is quite good.

    Everything needs lots of sauce/fat/gravy.  Also try eating with a cup of tea or warm water to sip and act like saliva.  Don't take it after swallowing, have it whilst chewing and you may find it helps.  It does for me.

    I still take up to 4 fortisips a day to maintain my weight as I just can't eat enough at the moment and my body is still burning calories healing.

    See my profile for more details of my convoluted journey
  • washed down with Guinness 0% alcohol.

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  • Thanks Dani, for your suggestions. You’ve certainly given me loads of different ideas to try out. I think I should be able to tolerate eggs so that’s the first thing on my list!

  • Thanks Hazel for the suggestions and the information. It’s certainly given me some more ideas. I think I need to be patient though and not give up so easily. 
    The After the treatment finishes is a very interesting read, and one I think I need to pay attention too and not get too frustrated when things aren’t better right away.

  • Thanks Peter. I’ll definitely give mince and potatoes a try, I hadn’t even considered anything meat based.

  • Thanks Peter, I will certainly give ready meals a try. I have no desire to cook so that’s definitely a good option.
    I had been taking liquids to help after swallowing which wasn’t very successful, and have now tried with food and I have noticed that it is a lot easier, thank you.

  • Hi I treated recovery like treatment it needed doing and it couldn't be rushed. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Plus the After treatment article is giid to pass round friends and family. Yes we’re treated but our recovery can’t be compared to anyone else’s   Simply put out mouths and throats have been burnt snd it all takes time to recover. Evrn at 5 years I noticed small improvements. Drs say  2 years but lots of us continue to get them much longer. 
    you’ll get there   As we say we’re all different gif md mince took years it used to stick. Only mince I coujd eat was processed ready made lasagnas type. 

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help