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Hi everyone,

My husband had 2nd cycle of chemo yesterday over 2 hours, is this the normal length of time, both times now he has had bad throat spasms, dizziness and other effects straight after, I think he needs it over a longer time.

Any thoughts please.


  • Hi Angie

    Sorry to hear that Tony is suffering with throat spasms from the chemo. I don't know specifically about CAPOX chemo but I would talk to his nurse, explain what's happening and ask if having it over a longer period would help. 

    I hope the side effects aren't so bad this time.

    Take care,


  • I think they can do it over a longer time(4hrs?). Definitely speak to his care team Fingers crossedPray

  • Hi Angie

    sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis.

    To assist you with your question my dad is currently under going capox chemotherapy and has just had his 4th infusion of 6.

    he also has been having throat spasms so on round 3 they change the infusion time to 4 hours. This did help however he did still have a spasm the following day. 

    he told the nurse on Wednesday and they changed his in fusion time to 6 hours. He did still have a spasm on his return from the hospital but it quickly passed. 

    he now has a thermal cup of warm water with him after his infusions so he feels he is now well prepared. 

    I hope this information helps :-).

    many thanks 


  • Hi Rich,

    So sorry to hear your dad has throat spasms too they are so frightening, my husband had another one today after being in the garden it must have been the cool air.

    I am going to ask before the next cycle if he can change his infusion time.

    My daughter always gets him a hot drink ready for after the infusion.

    How is your dad coping with everything, is he having immunotherapy as well?

    Take care


  • Hi Angie,

    So sorry to hear he had another one. I think the best way to deal with it is not to be so worried about it as they will pass.

    no immunotherapy for my dad. What about your husband? 

    It’s strange really as if you met my dad there isn’t anything wrong with him. He spent the day with me today jet washing the block paving. The steroids do help him so he might have a rough couple of days next week when they wear off.

    it’s so tough to get your head around all this. 

  • Hi Rich 

    It is so hard to get your head around it, my husband is 56, worked full time, loved his gardening and was quite active until he was diagnosed in December, he has lost about 4 stone in weight and has good and bad days.

    My husband tested negative for immunotherapy, so we are hoping for the best with chemo.

    It is a rollercoaster of emotions but all we can do is stay strong and positive.

    It does seem like your dad is doing well, it is just a cruel disease.

    Has your dad been told what treatment he will have after chemo is finished?


  • Hi Angie

    is the tumour making it difficult to eat? My dad is 67. It doesn’t really matter what age though does it it’s just awful. Is your husbands cancer inoperable? 

    The information we have had is that after the chemo it is regular scans but no treatment .  But, if and when the cancer grows again more chemo maybe available but a different type so the cancer doesn’t get used to it. 

    one thing that he did say when he came away from his treatment is this…

    he was sat with a guy who was on round 8 of 10 of chemo. He was diagnosed with cancer to the kidney, bones, and I believe lungs…. ( not oesophageal).

    he was told there is no signs of cancer anymore in his body. (Not cancer free) but no signs. 

    we hold onto this as a family and I hope you can too :-) 

  • It was liver not lungs*** 

  • Hi Rich

    When he first got diagnosed he was on a liquid and very mushy diet he had trouble keeping food down hence the weight loss, but since chemo started he has been able to eat a bit better but still has to be careful.

    My husband's is Stage 4 small nodule to liver so inoperable.

    We have been told scans after 6 cycles so the body can recover then maybe more chemo.

    My daughter and I are always researching new clinical trials for people who can't have immunotherapy and hope something new will come along.

    I have heard other remarkable stories about how well chemo has worked for some people.

    We can only pray for the best Pray


  • Angie

    Dal was not discovered as suitable for immunotherapy until his 5th Chemo session, I am not sure how or what changed, but for his 6th session he was given two lots of treatment  FLOT and immunotherapy, (we now think this was probably a mistake) they will keep testing your Husbands bloods, and as you say, we can only pray.  

    There are several trials this Link may help if you have not already viewed here before.

    Good Luck 


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