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Hi all was  diagnosed with this horrible cancer on the 10th Jan 24 so had a pet ct scan and been seen by various doctors and surgeons

To complicate matters they also found i have Lung cancer as well, and just to add to the complication i have a Aortic Stenosis 

which is further complicating things

Been seen today 19th Feb by a surgeon and at present they do not have a treatment plan hopefully when they have there MDT meeting on Wednesday they will have 

all the facts and come to some sort of decision of what to do.

Any advise or suggestions will be gratefully received as at the moment i am slowly going out of my mind   

Thanks in advance


    • True Red Rob 
    • Sorry to see you using this site that nobody should ever have to use . Many people will help and support you on youf journey.  Hope your MTD meeting goes well and you get a treatment  plan  in place . This is a awful  waiting game now buddy . Hope someone  comes on this page that could help you more

    Nic nac

  • Thanks Nic nac every little helps


    • So sorry to read this !! I hope that someone replies to you as weve found this site very helpful we don't havet he same diagnosis..
    • Stay strong I'm sure you'll get help from here.
    • Best wishes
    • Vonn
  • Hi Rob, so sorry you find yourself in the forum. It's a good place for advice and support though.

    I've recently completed treatment for OC. You can read about my journey by clicking on my name and looking through my journal of events. It may help but I didn't have your other complications.

    Just stay positive and patient. Be assured the medical teams are all looking to do their very best and get you well again as soon as they can. There are going to be periods of waiting while tests are done and results analysed. It's a very difficult time. Good luck to you and I hope you get some news very soon.

    Best regards


  • Hi Geo

    Thanks for the support much appreciated had meeting with surgeon yesterday 19/2 he said he is not comfortable to go down the surgery route because of my aortic stenosis but is waiting for the MDT meeting on Wed 21/2 to discuss with cardiology and the others. At the moment got the bike test booked for Friday but the way the surgeon was talking he's looking at cancelling that as he thinks it would put to much stain on my heart.

    I guess all i can doo is sit and wait  and see what they come up with i am sure i will find eventually 

    All the best with you recovery


  • Hi Rob, my family are going through a similar situation to yourself so I am sorry to read your story so far. My father was diagnosed with suspicions of cancer in late Dec, seemingly out of nowhere, but we found out the full extent of it over a month later at the start of Feb, which was very difficult news to take on, as it is for everyone going through it. The waiting is very hard and we are still waiting for the full MDT results. However, after prodding and putting a little bit of pressure on the nurses by my parents, he saw the oncology team who have confirmed he'll start chemo whilst the full treatment plan is discussed. I think my father's greatest move in this horrible game was to get in touch with his GP in the meantime for support and she was excellent and made him feel mentally more together, whlst also speaking to his nurse by ringing every day to get something (anything!) started. The waiting really is the torturous part but I believe it is finding areas you can progress in to gain some feeling of control whilst you wait for things otherwise out of your hands. This forum has also been a very helpful resource, including the 'Chat to a nurse' tool. Best of luck to you. 

  • Hi Rob 

    Sorry to hear your story, do you have OC and lung cancer? 


  • Hi Angie

    Yes unfortunately i do and to complicate maters even more i have Aortic stenosis and COPD 


  • Hi Rob

    Sorry to hear this, its just you mentioned surgery and we were told surgery isn't a option now it has spread.

    We are just waiting to meet the oncologist to discuss treatment plan.


  • Hi Angie

    had a meeting with the surgeon on Monday and he is not keen on surgery owing to Aortic stenosis he is wafting till the MDT meting on Wednesday so he can ask and get more information from my cardiologist regarding this so at the moment don't know whats going on