OC with liver mets

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Hello, I am reaching out following my world being turned upside down, my husband had been feeling sick for about four weeks, with no help from the dr we went to a&e and 

discovered he has a 9cm tumour on his liver, he then had an endoscopy that showed a two centimetre tumour near the stomach, we have been told it’s advanced and without chemo he has months. This all started at the end of November. 

He can eat but the issue is feeling sick constantly, the weight is falling off him. We have our first oncology appointment this week. He struggles to do anything, an active man, gym five times a week, to sitting or lying down all day and sleeping.

would love to hear from similiar stories, as my hope is fading daily. MacMillan have been round and offered support. 

  • Hi, So sorry you're having to deal with this at this time of year. My husband went for an endoscopy on 30th December last year and they couldn't get the camera down due to a mass blocking his oesophagus. Our world fell apart that day. The hospital got him in for a CT scan the same day, but results took 2 weeks. He had been finding swallowing a bit of a struggle, but most medical professionals said it was allergies or GERD. It wasn't until the weight just fell off that they sent him for a scan. He didn't start his chemo until 8th March and the time leading up to that was the hardest. Watching them find eating harder by the day was the hardest for me and all the doctors were doing was looking at it. He wasn't on a single tablet! They may want to do a staging laparoscopy, but as they know about the liver mets they may just jump straight to treatment. I take it that surgery isn't possible due to the spread. They should do genetic testing as there are immunotherapies that can work depending on the genetics of the tumour. These can be used for as long as they keep working and could be started quickly. Stents may be an option if he starts to struggle getting food down. You could speak to the dietician about a PEG feeding tube straight into his duodenum, this might help with the feeling sick part as the food would bypass his stomach. I moved my husband to softer meals like mash, gravy and peas adding butter and cheese to get the calories in. My husband is now post surgery (having radiotherapy and chemo at the moment) but still likes the full fat yoghurts in M&S (they have cream in them). They are as many calories as the build-up drinks and taste much nicer in his opinion. If I can help with anything please get in touch. My husband was staged as T4a N2 M0. Take care, love to you and all your family. 

  • Hi Jsystevie thank you for your response and lovely words. 
    it’s so sad we live in our own little bubbles until something like this happens. Bless you husband going through all this for a year, I wish him the best of luck with his treatment and a speedy recovery. 

    I cannot believe the deterioration in him, he literally sits or lies down all day, it’s so sad. He has stomach pain, I have spoken to dietician the problem is he has to fancy something, due to his level of feeling sick.we have the milkshakes but he won’t eat them, I try to add calories with full fat milk, sugar. 

    we are on our third lot of anti sickness tablets, some days are better than others. He is also on codeine. I
    am hoping for some answers on Thursday 

  • Hi Blossom01, 

    My husband got the the point that we didn't really know what to eat, if anything. I just bought a whole range of things for him to try even if it was only a mouth full. He found sweet things to be more palatable than savoury some days. it's trial and error, and some things that are okay one day will not be the next. Just hang in there and hopefully you will get some help on Thursday. My husband did have a nasal feeding tube at first which also bypassed his stomach, but he hated it as it made him look sick and it bothered the back of his throat. It did however save his life. PEG feeding has been a much better thing for him. Take care and I hope you get answers on Thursday. 

  • Hi Blossom01,

    How is your husband doing?

    Hope all is well.

  • Hi A1972

    My husband has had two lots of chemo so far, he was due his third lot yesterday but the nurses are on strike so put back a week, although that’s a blessing because the last lot of chemo wiped him out, he was very lethargic with lots of side effects this time, headaches, stomach aches, pain down his side, a swollen ankle to name but a few plus the neuropathy in his hands, they are going to lower his dose. Today however was a good day and he managed to come outside for a walk. Since finding out other than hospital appointments he has either been in bed or in his chair with a bit of pottering about, although he has to pace himself. For someone who was so fit and active it’s really hard for him and gets him down. 

    l’ve just read your update that your husband is going to have the same without the immunotherapy. Im guessing he tested negative for it. Will he have the pills as well to take the whole three weeks. 

    i am hoping from reading others that he may have a scan so we can find out what it has done. We are due back next Monday for chemo again, just hope it don’t knock him for six again. He is only just starting to eat better again and that’s not because he can’t, he feels sick all the time with no appetite. 

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it’s doing something, like you say there are successful stories and that’s what keeps me going. I hope you have support and I know like me your getting some from this site as well as being apprehensive. 

  • Hi Blossom01,

    Sorry to hear your husband is so unwell with it all, its horrible isn't it to see them like this.

    My husband has lost so much weight and has really bad upper back pain but the morphine does help now.

    Yes he tested negative for it, I was so hoping they could try this as well as chemo.

    Yes he will take tablets as well every 3 weeks.

    I have great support from my family and from the forum.

    How are you coping with it all?

    Best wishes 

    Angie x 

  • Hi Angie 

    My husband had lost 1stone 10 pound so far and seems to have stabilised now. He was only 12 stone 10 to start with.  Before he started chemo, he had shoulder pain that went down his arm, but the oramorph helped, but once chemo started, it went. I would love to no what it's done for him. 

    I was hoping this week he would perk up, but this has not been the case. 

    It's so difficult, the not knowing, it's like an awful roller coaster you can not get off. I dread to think what he is thinking/going through. I'm still working, although my job has been flexible around this 

  • Hi Blossom01 

    The chemo must be working if your husbands pain has gone, will he be having immunotherapy as well as chemo?

    I dread to think what my husband is thinking too, I have bad days with it all and I'm not the one suffering.

    You are right it is one hell of a rollercoaster.

    My husband has reduced his hours at work but is still working at the moment as I am too.

    Life is so cruel and unkind.

    Take care

    Angie x 

  • Yes he has immunotherapy, that takes about an hour and then the oxiplatin takes two hours. He worked full time as a builder but can’t work now, I think even without the chemo side effects he wouldn’t be able to work. 

    When does he start his chemo? 


  • They have said chemo should start within the next 2 weeks, we were so disappointed he couldn't have immunotherapy.

    It sounds like it has really knocked your husband off his feet, I hope he starts to pick up soon.

    Look after yourself too, stay strong.

    Take care Angie xx