Recurrence after oesophagectomy

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Hi people, I just wondered if anyone has had recurrence after oesophagectomy? I had the operation last year following chemoradiotherapy but cancer has come back locally in same place (its squamous cell). Gastroenterologist told me last night nothing more he can do but I will see oncologist next week. I'm just wondering if I have any options at all to lengthen my life (I know it is now terminal but don't know how long I have got) Was hoping for maybe immunotherapy but not clear yet if this is an option. Anyone had experience of a stent?

I was a bit dissociated last night but now feeling depressed and scared....

  • Hi Yvonne, so sorry to hear your cancer has returned. I'm not surprised you feel down and scared. Maybe talk to one of the experts on here it might help.

    I have Oesophagal cancer too and my op is December 29th. I'm scared too as I know it's a long op and don't know what it will be like afterwards. I have every faith in my surgery team but still feel anxious. I am lucky in a way that it is only in the oesophagus and once the tumour is removed I will have 4 more rounds of chemo. I hope then to be clear but like you will worry it will come back.

    I hope they can do something for you and I wish you all the best


  • Hi Dean, thank you for responding. it is a big operation but at least it gave me more time as we moved to the coast afterwards and had a wonderful summer this year. So hopefully you will breeze through it like I did; the great thing is that you will be able to eat and drink - smaller portions but not too bad at all. You will have all the info anyway.

    We are hoping that I can at least get immunotherapy or a trial but its a waiting game isn't it and its the waiting that is so difficult......anyway we will find out next week

    thanks again and best wishes, hope it all goes well


  • Hi Yvonne you are very welcome. I find it very helpful to discuss things on here and yes the waiting is the worst part of it all. I'm keen to get the op done that is the next hurdle and then more chemo. I'm going to fight this all the way and I know the team looking after me will do everything they can.

    It makes you realise life is so precious and we should make every day count.

    Good luck for the future


  • Hi,I had FLOT oesophagectomy more to 2 years 2 months but developed a bad throat and loss of voice ..after a slog with documents surgeon sent me for a CT scan,which revealed mine to had returned to same place and now inoperable. That was 14 months ago ,I underwent 6 rounds of capox chemotherapy,which wasn’t very pleasant.i had been told that it had shrunk it slightly but another CT scan revealed that it had spread slightly into 2 or 3 lymph nodes. I was then given 10 rounds of radiotherapy 8 weeks ago,and am currently awaiting an appointment to discuss the outcome. Hopefully next week .My oncologist said that there is a possibility of further chemotherapy to contain it ,but it’s very toxic,and as I have had 14 rounds of chemo and 10 of radiology are trying not to put my body under to much stress,so hopefully the radiotherapy may of held it off ..I find it more stressful waiting for results at the moment,as X-ray had said they will have results after week one and next week is week 4 ,and still no there is hope,and they can always refer you to say The royal marsden ,and see if any trials are available 

  • Hi thank you for your response. Sounds like you have really been through it and I feel for you. was yours adenocarcinoma? it gives me hope though; I had radiotherapy before my operation and have been told I can't have that again but I'm hoping maybe chemo to at least see me through another summer on my little boat! We were wondering about the royal Marsden and my partner reached out to them; I am guessing that if my oncologist can't do anything for me he will refer me to them but I will of course ask him re trials. 

    useful info thank you and hope you get your results and appointment soon 

    1. Hi ,yep same,I think I have been told can only have radio once,they told may make my sick as stomach or what is left is in the way,first week did feel a bit but sailed thro 2week.I can’t understand why an X-ray this time and not a CT scan ,unless to much radiation.
    2. ive seen lately that Noddy holder from slade had similar chemo at ‘Christie’s’ in manchester ,which maybe another option..also immunotherapy which I intend to ask oncology hopefully next week.Its all very stressful if we think about it too much,but remain positive,so I wish you all the luck in the world too,here if you need to chat,although I find this site hard to navigate..I’ll keep an eye out for you 
  • HI, How was the radiotherapy? My husband is due to start chemo tablets and radiotherapy on Monday and we don't know how much it's going to impact on his quality of life for the next couple of months. We are just trying to get an understanding of how gruelling it all is. He had the surgery and FLOT sandwich (surgery was in June) and he tolerated the chemo well, but I'm worried this next course of treatment is going to be much harder than he is thinking it will be. 

  • Hi,they said it will make me feel ill,as the tumour being so close to where our ‘stomach’ pouch is now..And has to pass thro it,first 5 days did feel a little nauseous,but had anti sickness tablets..2nd week absolutely nothing,just felt normal. I had chemo tablets last time with my Capox infusion,so didn’t have both together..hope it reassures you,and all goes well

  • It’s not anywhere near as bad as FLOT ..knocked me about terrible 

  • Hi mysteries  your husband completed his treatment in June   How comes he is having more treatment  has it come back so soon ?