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I am new here, I have just been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in my esophagus.

  • Hello Scrappydoo

    I'm very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My dad was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma earlier this year. He has been through alot of treatment these past several months including surgery and while he is still recovering, he is largely doing pretty well at the moment. Can I ask what stage you are currently at? Have you been referred for a CT or PET scan yet? Sending much positivity your way.


  • Hello Claire

    It is nice to meet you. I have just been diagnosed. I got an EMR two weeks ago and I just got the diagnosis on Wednesday.  I have been requested for a CT scan but I don't know when that will be. I am not suitable for surgery, and I think chemo and radiotherapy was mentioned but I am not sure, it was a lot to take in.

  • I can imagine. It's a shock and takes alot to process. My dad was the same. It hit us from nowhere and took us a while to get our heads around what lay ahead. You will likely have an MDT meeting soon where a treatment plan will be discussed with you. I realise all this will still be sinking in but you've come to the right place on this forum. There are alot of people on here experiencing the same as yourself.

    It's not a journey anyone (or their families) wants to be on, but there are alot of positive stories I've found on here. Try not to Google things, stick to sites like Macmillan, Cancer research etc. Treatment has come  a very long way in recent times. Try to have faith (hard as that may be right now). I wish you the very best going forward. Take care x

  • Hi Scrappydo,

    I received my diagnosis of oesophageal cancer on 24th Oct following an endoscopy and CT scan. I have since had a PET scan and a meeting with the MDT (consultant, physio team, macmillan nurses, anaesthetist, dietitians, etc. They were all so helpful and patient and willing to answer any questions and repeat answers if needed. Definitely bring somebody with you to this as an extra pair of ears will be invaluable. I am booked in for a laparoscopy next week. Taking ithings one step at a time is also important I think. Best of luck on your journey. 

  • Hi Scrappydo, sad to see you writing in this forum. None of us want to be here and have cancer.

    The people suffering like myself and those supporting us to get through it are all in here waiting to give words of wisdom and support. Please stay away from Google and the like. Ask your questions to those that know.

    If you click on my profile picture it name it will take you to my journey diary where you can get some idea of what to expect. All our journeys vary so yours will not necessarily be the same as mine.

    If you've had a diagnosis via endoscopy you will have a flurry of follow up appointments for CT scan, pet scan, exerts possibly and an appointment with your oncologist. The wait for oncology was the worst me me because it took a few weeks and you can imagine what's going on in your head during that time.

    Stay positive. I'm on my first cycle of post op chemo and struggling. I'll not lie. The whole curative pathway is littered with one massive struggle after another. If you take it one day or challenge at a time there will be a light at the end.

    Best regards


  • Hi Claire

    Bless you you have been though the milk and back again I can imagine. I hope your dad continues to grow stronger and you and your family take joy in every day. Sending my very best wishes.

    Scrappydo x

  • Hi Cool Blue

    Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I am still a bit shell shocked if I am honest as I am sure you must be to. My surgeon has said that I am not a candidate for surgery and after the EMR the GI nurse phoned go tell me I had Adenocarcinoma. I have to go back in 3months for another biopsy and am sure she said something about chemo and radiotherapy but I can't remember. I am scared out my mind I just don't know what is happening when, she also said I would need to go for a CT scan. Do you think if they got the cancer with the EMR that I might not need treatment or do you think I am sticking my head in the sand with that one?

    I wish you all the very best on your journey with this to.


  • Hi Scrappydo?

    I know exactly how you’re feeling at the moment. Very quickly after my diagnosis, I was contacted by one of the Macmillan nurses. Have you heard from them yet? If so, they should be your first point of contact for any questions and concerns you may have. I have found them to be very helpful and, if they’re not available at the time to take my call, will respond very promptly afterwards. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your medical team will know that it is all a lot to take in and will be more than happy to repeat things that they have told you. I always have my phone on speaker and my wife listening in when taking these calls  I have found having that extra pair of ears to be absolutely invaluable. I know it’s hard not to think about the “what ifs “ sometimes but please try to stay as positive as you can and never be afraid to ask questions. The information on this site should be your other main source. DO NOT GOOGLE!!  Stay strong. Best wishes to you

  • Oh my gosh GeoFerret you have been through the wars by the sounds of things. I am so sorry you are struggling. I to could be doing with losing weight but not by that drastic method. Everything seems to have been very quick, I wonder if it is different in Scotland?  I would just like to have had that phone call again so I could listen to it properly and not be like the bunny caught in the headlights I am sure whatever comes my way I will deal with it as I have always dealt with everything in life head on and with as much humour as I can. Please stay strong with you journey. One last thing you have inspired me to keep a journal of the journey I am on. A no frills barred journal with the good and the not so good days. I say that because even if it is a not so good day, at least we have a day to feel its not so good. You take care and thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts.


  • Hi again Cool Blue

    The only person I have heard from is the GI nurse who phoned me to tell me. I don't have the luxury of having my husband here listening in, I am going through a divorce at the moment so that is not a good option for me, but I am normally pretty good at listening to instructions, but this time I was like the bunny in the headlight I just heard carcinoma and I just froze. It is hard being on your own with no one else to share things with. I do have a friend but he is not always here due to distances between us. However it is in the middle of the night I must keep going over it in my mind, because, I keep waking up at 6 every morning and I don't know why, it's driving me nuts. Whatever is coming my way I will deal with it as best I can, with as much humour as I can.

    Take care and I will take everyone's advice as you have all been though it so know what it's like. Very best wishes.