Back Pain

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I have been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer l will be starting treatment in two weeks chemotherapy and radiotherapy only.  Although my oesophageal cancer is a new primary cancer, because I had breast cancer treatment last year I needed to have a PET scan and MRl scan before treatment starts now waiting for results..  what l would like to know has anyone else had lower back pain and also pain in the  middle of the back.  


  • Hi Jayne 

    I had back pain - my tumour was mid oesophagus and the pain was between my shoulder blades. It was the tumour pressing on my spinal area. After the first chemo the tumour shrank a lot and the pain eased. I took paracetamol. I didn't have lower back pain relating to the cancer. 

    I hope your chemo helps ease the pain. 

    Take care,


  • Hi Crochetherapy

    I got the pain in the middle of the shoulders but also got pain in the lower back more of an ache than pain. That’s why I have had to have a PET scan before treatment to see if it as spread

    thanks for you reply you take care also 


  • Hi Jayne

    My husband has pain in the middle and lower back, they said it was the tumour pressing on the nerve. His back pain has been worse than the cancer itself, he is about to have cycle 3 of chemo.

    He is taking slow releasing morphine for the back pain which helps a great deal.

    Take care


  • Hi Angie

    thanks for your reply, I am so glad to hear this, I have just had a PET scan and MRI scan before treatment , when l had the CT scan for this oesophageal cancer it highlighted specks on the spine and because l have just had treatment for breast cancer my oncologist for the breast cancer seems to think it’s scaring from chemotherapy l had from my breast cancer treatment fingers crossed hopefully it is,  this pain has only started the last few weeks since this oesophageal cancer was diagnosed .they have given me slow release morphine which helps

    hopefully starting treatment next week 

    you both take care

    Jayne X