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Hi All 

It’s now 16 months since my husband had his Esophagectomy  . Yesterday during a clinic appointment with his surgeon he was told that it would now be unlikely that he would feel hungry again due to severed and damaged nerves that  occurred during the surgery .This caused him frustration during the early months post surgery as in his words ‘The emphasis is on eating but it’s difficult when you just don’t feel hungry ‘ but over time he has become accustomed to it  because he has had no choice …However recently he said he’s started to feel intermittently agitated during the day and he explained to his surgeon that he found eating took the agitation away .His surgeon couldn’t suggest a medical reason for it  so we were all left questioning  if his body has found another way of telling him when he’s hungry ..

As his weight has remained stable now for the past few months his surgeon was happy ..So happy she couldn’t resist adding a bit of humour to the end of the meeting by saying ‘I will see you in a few months ..Keep up the good work  and keep on being agitated ‘ !! Grinning

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this ‘agitation ‘ ? ( It’s the only way he can describe the feeling ) 

regards J 

  • Hello J,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. This is very interesting. I had the surgery only 6 months ago. I no longer feel hungry nor thirsty. However, this is something I expected from reading about the surgery and personal experiences shared on this forum. Strangely enough, this is not something the medical team mentioned to me before the surgery. They mentioned complications and I had the whole bunch of them 

    I try to remember to eat and drink regularly. Hydration was a big issue for me, water tastes / feels very weird. It gets kinda stuck. Tea is ok, and that was about the only thing I could drink without gagging. It's getting better now and I have increased the range of things I can drink. 

    I wonder if your husband has experienced something similar or if anyone else has similar problems.

    I will look forward to agitation as a hunger trigger! 

    Best wishes to you both 


  • Hi SeaSurf 

    Thank you for your reply 

    We don’t recall it being mentioned by  his medical team at pre surgery meetings  either ..Like you say we were only informed of  the possible complications that could arise during and after surgery..

    Hes actually pleased that his body somehow seems to be reminding him he’s hungry in its own way and his eating regime is becoming less medicinal and more spontaneous . Keeping hydrated  has never been an issue as he’s always been a big water drinker so that habit has remained with him regardless of him being thirsty or not .(He hasn’t mentioned it tasting weird although he does say some  food doesn’t quite taste the same ) When he was totally dependant on his JEJ at one point,  the inability to drink did cause him some anxiety at the time ..He did however continue to rinse his mouth out at regular intervals as part of his mouth care 

    I just think it’s fascinating how the body can sometimes compensate itself after a normal function is taken away ..However as there is  no medical back up to prove this it hasn’t been confirmed.

    Wishing you well too ..Onwards and Upwards ! 

    regards J