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Hi everyone, I’m absolutely devastated about my dad’s news yesterday from the oncologist that there is no treatment they can do and they will just pain manage him at home. He’s been in hospital near 3 weeks with abdominal pain which started when he had kidney stones few weeks prior to going in hospital this time around .. he had a stent in and then 6 weeks later it was removed as it was causing him real discomfort but the pain still remained. He was pain managed at home but it really got to a point where he couldn’t take it no longer and that’s why he’s was admitted back to hospital this time around.

Since being in he’s ct scans which revealed a bowel obstruction and he was vomiting feaces   Bless him it was awful! They have pumped him with super strong steroids and anti sickness and laxatives which have helped but the scan also revealed his crohns was again active and there are new tumors, he has already been through chemotherapy for esophegeal cancer which is stable and now this has reared its ugly head, the mdt meeting with oncology was confirmed to us yesterday that there is no more treatment that will give him quality of life as such and to go home with everything in place eg pain meds and palliative care.

He has been through so much and I’m just absolutely devastated this is happening to my dad I’m scared for what’s to come, how to cope, how to tell my children who are 5/7 how poorly grandad is etc 

im sorry for the long post just needed to get it off my chest!

  • Tinydancer,

    I am so sorry about your dad. He's going through something so awful. You must be so distraught and in pain yourself to see him suffer so much. I don't know what to say, there's no words I think to describe what you are all going through.

    I just hope the treatment helps him, and lessens the pain so that he can have a more normal life.

    Sending love to you all. 

  • Thank you so much… truly truly awful Cry 

  • So sorry to read this Disappointed  

  • Hi TinyD,

    There are so many good outcomes on here that hearing your dad's story, makes it so devastating. 

    We all expect to live forever and no matter how old we get, in our minds we are all about 35....lol.

    Your dad must be so scared right now and feeling that poorly is awful. 

    It must be putting you and the rest of your family through an emotional wringer. 

    Just stay there with him, make what memories you can and chat about the ones you already have. 

    Best regards to you all. 


  • Sending Hugs, 

     There is a section on this website which gives you some suggestions, you can find it HERE , I hope that is might help you in some way. 

    My thoughts are with your Dad now, sending him strength and healing. 


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