Keyhole surgery

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Andy is having surgery on Monday ( getting worried) the surgeon called today and said it will be keyhole surgery involving a robot!! Can anyone give us a y information on this procedure?? 

Many thanks 


  • Hi Vonn , I had keyhole surgery in October. While the surgery will last a little longer, the trade off is smaller wounds. The surgery went well for me. 

    Do not worry about the robot! 

    Good luck with the surgery, and recovery later on. 

    Sorry about the flurry of replies, it's a day where I struggle with things. 

    Take care 

  • Thank you for your reply ! It's reassuring to hear someone had keyhole surgery we're not sure if recovery is quicker with less scarring? It's all a minefield  , wishing you well on your journey 

    Best wishes 


  • Vonn,

    I may be wrong, but I think keyhole surgery is the norm, unless requested otherwise or if the surgeons have to change to side cut. 

    I don't know if recovery is quicker, that's more on an individual basis. Complications may happen. Your medical support team will advise you on this. 

    Good luck

  • Vonn

    I forgot to say that scars are smaller than that of side cut. 

    Courage !

  • Hello Vonn

    I had non-invasive robotic surgery back in November. There are a number of puncture wounds so no big scars to show off! My recovery was very quick with the medics frequently commenting on how well I looked. Mine was a 10 hour procedure with a further 3 hours in the recovery room before onto the ICU. My wife and son came into see me and very pleased I was sitting up and able to talk with them. Next day the physios had me up and I managed a few steps and sat out most of the day.

    I was in ICU for 4 days the surgical high dependency before onto a general ward. I was discharged after 12 days mainly as my surgeon did not want to send me home over the weekend.

    All told it went well the surgeon kept me informed and rang my wife when he had completed his work. I was even introduced to the robots!

    Hope all goes well for Andy, bw Paul

  • Thank you for your reply I hope you’re doing well now ! It’s going to be a long weekend waiting for surgery but this will bring us a step closer to a normal life Wink 
    Best wishes to all fighting this awful disease and thank you everyone for the kind and helpful responses we’ve recieved.

    hugs to you all