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Hi, my Dad doesn't have long left; he's got the pain under control but is really suffering from being able to keep anything down. He has pretty much zero appetite, has to drink everything through a straw, and even then, he sometimes brings it back up. He is nearly 6 feet tall and now only weighs ten stone 2 pounds. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how he can get more calories into his body so that he can at least maintain weight and not feel as tired. Any suggestions are welcome; he'll literally try anything at this point. Thanks in advance x

  • Hi Katson80,

    Sorry you find yourself here and the news of your dad.  It sounds as if you need advice from your dad's nutritionist/dietician. They prescribed me,  fortisip drinks. I never found them very pallitable as they are very sweet and come in various flavours. They are small but have 300 calories in a bottle. You can drink several in a day.  Hope this helps.  

    Best regards


  • Hi Katson80,

    So sorry to hear about your dad, never give up hope Pray 

    Has he tried fortisips, they are full of calories and he could drink them with a straw.

    I give my husband mushy foods, rice pudding, custard, smoothies, I use full fat milk with everything. He has the bisto shepherd pie and cottage pie because they are mushy with gravy over.

    It is hard to maintain the weight my husband has lost over 4.5 stone now.

    Have you spoke to his dietician?