Is this a bad dumping incident

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Hi. Just thought I’d reach out to see if anyone can relate to my situation. I’m over five months since having three way Oesophageal Surgery. I was doing really well with fitness and eating levels. Then last Friday (after a Chinese Takeaway which did not consist of more than a third of noodles and a small bit of chicken) I became ill about two hours later.  It consisted of vomitting up orange bile and having really bad stomach cramps and feeling so very tired. Today, five days later I’m still feeling shattered and spending most of the day in bed. The vomitting stopped after two days (mostly, although brushing my teeth still triggers it) and I had diahorrea for the day yesterday. I am wanting to eat again but only small amounts and this does trigger stomach cramps. Does anybody else recognise this as dumping. I have had dumping episodes in the past but they only went on for a couple of hours. Would appreciate your response if you can relate to anything similar.

Best wishes, Julie

  • Julie

    So sorry to hear that you are going through this.

    It doesn’t sound like anything I have experienced during my ten years post Ivor Lewis.

    This could be food poisoning or an obstruction (or something else). I would urge you to seek face to face consultation with your GP.

    i hope whatever it turns out to be it is short lived and you return to normal recovery.

    Best wishes

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Thanks Brent. I felt it was more than dumping as it went on for so long and the symptoms were so spread out over different days. Anyway, last night I had a better sleep. I had to stop taking the Lanzaparole as I couldn’t get it down, but took it yesterday and today, plus some Gaviscon, so hopefully getting back on track with my usual routine. Really appreciate your reply. Thanks, Julie 

  • Hi Julie, 
    I don’t have any similar experiences to the one that you have described but some Chinese takeaways use ridiculous amounts of MSG flavour enhancers which can cause unpleasant side effects in some people. Hope you feel better soon

  • Absolutely. I doubt will be eating one again for the foreseeable future. Thanks for your reply. Julie