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Hello, I’m really worrying. 2 months ago, when I swallowed food. It got stuck (not choking). I drank water and it felt like it was filling up on top. After a couple of minutes it went down, this happened twice more within the same month. This hasn’t happened since then. They have referred me to get a camera down my throat and told me it could be cancer. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone that has had the same thing? 

  • Hi Sophie1999 and welcome to this forum. Cancer is always going to be a possible diagnosis with symptoms such as yours but they can’t know for sure until they have performed the endoscopy (camera down the throat). Have they given you a timescale for that? So far it seems that you have acted promptly, which is crucial in any suspected cancer cases. Things should proceed at pace from now on. Hopefully it will not be what you fear but, if so, then you will find this forum a very useful source of advice and support. Please do not Google

  • Hi Sophie

    I’m glad you have sought advice fairly quickly and I hope the endoscopy comes through without too much delay and you are not kept waiting. Waiting is horrible. Please don’t worry about the procedure itself. If you opt for sedation rather than a local anaesthetic spray (and my advice is sedation) you won’t experience any unpleasantness at all. You will be told at that appointment what things look like so you won’t have any further wait.  
    Please do come back to this post and tell us how you got on, good or bad (we’d like to hear).

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Hi Sophie

    Sorry that you're going g through this worrying time . My husband Andy had the same symptoms 12 years ago and was told classic signs of throat cancer ( the start of the worrying) he had an endoscopy where they took biopsies,  the biopsy results showed scarring of the oesophagus caused by acid reflux. 

          You're doing the right thing getting it checked out and hopefully yours is the same as andys was then. 

          Please keep in touch as this forum is very helpful

    Love and best wishes 

    Keep smiling xx


  • Hi Sophie1990 

    You've done the right thing in seeking medical advice straight away ..
    Hope your endoscopy comes through for you quickly ..As mentioned before the waiting is always the worst ..I would  keep an open mind until you receive the results from your scope ..Hoping all goes well for you and you receive your answers very soon. 

    regards J x

  • Thanks this is very reassuring. This has only happened 3 times in the space of 1 month, I think in January and it has never happened again. So I’m hoping there’s minor cause for this Fingers crossed xx

  • Bless you x stay strong xx

  • Hi everyone. I’ve just had my endoscopy. No abnormalities shown. No cancer Relaxed️. Thank you to everyone for taking time to reply to my message x

  • Hi 

    Fantastic news ..So pleased for you Blush

    Regards J x

  • Fab news Grinning  so happy for you .what a relief.  Xx

    Best wishes 


  • That’s the best news! You must be so relieved!!