Tumour growing outwards lung

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 with local lymph nodes affected nearly 4 years ago, he wasn't a candidate for surgery so he underwent daily radiotherapy and weekly chemo back in 2020 during the first lock down. He had a stent fitted in Nov 2022 which got blocked by the tumour at both ends so had another 2 fitted summer last year. He had a ct scan in Dec which we found out in Jan the tumour was growing out towards his lung. He started chemo paclitaxel and carboplatin. He had 3 cycles and we've just found out he hasn't responded to treatment. The tumour has grown more and is now pressing against his lung causing it not to be able to inflate properly. They want him to try longsurf chemo tablet. I'm worried he isn't going to respond again and not sure what other options we have. Has anyone been through this or have any more insite on longsurf.


  • Hi Teri 

    I am sorry that your husband is not have any success with the previous treatment, and I do not have any answers for you, I just wanted you to know that your post is being read, someone, hopefully will be able to give your their experience of the Lonsurf combination tablet. 

    I can relate to your concerns regarding a new treatment, and recognise that no matter what suggestions are made, the most important thing is that it is effective and  gives your husband some relief.  I do hope that  this is what happens and that someone else can respond to you with greater knowledge.

    Best wishes 


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