Honest advice with cancer in 2 areas

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Hi all, 

Thank you to all that have messaged me so far over the week- you are so much better than Google! 

I’ve just found the stages of my mums cancers, we might have been told but I never took it in or understood until now. 

There’s one right of hypo pharynx T2 N1 M0

Other is Cervical oesophagus cT2/3 N0 M0
both are HPV negative 

I have looked into it this afternoon and I’m not feeling as hiieful

as I was, I can’t ask experts in front of mum as I don’t think she should hear, she’s already not optimistic.

The success rate doesn’t look good and I’m wondering if she should even be having the treatment!? Putting her through it un necessarily

It is not palliative and was told by a nurse if two cancers are the same it’s not curable, I’m now wondering if this is the case!?
I know we never know but any thoughts on this??

Thanks in advance I’d really appreciate it!  

  • Both staging shows M0 which means not metastatisised - neither has produced secondaries. So this would suggest they are not the same, so potentially curable.

    I hope this helps, but you would need the oncologist to confirm. Stay positive!

    Counting the days, making every day count.


  • Hi again 

    The cancer in the neck was found first then a scan showed up after in oesophagus. They said it was the same and now the reason they can treat both at same time with radio. 

    Thanks for the positive vibes too! 

  • Hi Lucia, 

    I am sorry to read of your Mum's dual tumour diagnosis, I may be wrong, but I think what you have described is two areas within the Oesophagus which have tumours, Even though the first tumour was found near the throat, if the diagnosis is Oesophageal cancer, then the second tumours is the one right of the hypo pharynx, near the throat., rather than in the throat. They will treat both tumours, as OC as they are contained within the Oesophagus, and hopefully will be able to reduce them down considerably. 

    If the second tumour is in the throat then they would have had a M rating of above 0 as alluded to by Brent in his post, but as the readings show that the cancer has no metastasis, it can not be a secondary.

    I am a little confused that you have stated that it is not palliative, if you have been informed that there is no cure, so that may be worth discussing further with Mum's oncologist.  

    Success rates, gathered from outdated information rarely look good, it is best to discuss this also. Some of the treatments available now, do not have the horrific side effects of some years ago, though some people do react badly, where others may not. 

    I hope you can get more, clear information, which will help Mum to decide what is the best next steps in her journey with this terrible disease. 

    Best Wishes


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  • Thankyou , this sounds positive. 
    I think I just need to not question maybe, it is whet it is so just have to be hopeful that the treatment works. 

  • Hi my husband was diagnosed with an oesophageal tumour and following a PET scan the found a tumour in his colon, both primary. He had them both removed at the same time. Such large surgery and all within the digestive system has been challenging for him but he is recovering albeit slowly. Since this happened I have heard of quite a few people being diagnosed with two primary tumours and is more common than I would have thought. I hope your mum gets the appropriate treatment and best wishes to you both.


  • Hi

    I hope your husband is doing well. Thank you for sharing your experience. 
    Mum wasn’t able to give surgery so this continues to be on my mind.