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Getting discharged from hospital today after my oesophagectomy. All sorted for night feeds, pain medication, etc. Most annoying thing though is this dry cough I still have. Anyone else have this? Any tips? How long does it last?

  • Hi Cool Blue, 

    I developed a dry cough too. 5 months after surgery, I still have it. It is better though. I can speak for longer without breaking into a coughing fit like before.

    I mentioned that to the medical team, they didn't seem that worried. I wasn't given anything to ease the symptoms.

    I suppose it is quite common. 



  • Hi Cool Blue 

    My husband was told by his surgeon that it’s a common complication of  an oesophagectomy . He experienced a dry cough and dry heaving many months after his surgery ..He still experiences it from time to time particularly  in a morning when first getting out of bed ..although it now tends to subside after an hour or so ..His surgeon recommended a simple over the counter bought cough linctus .

    Wishing you well in your recovery

    regards J  

  • Hi Cool Blue

    I had the same, it comes and goes although was worse in hospital, air con?? I use honey and lemon with hot water, it’s uncomfortable, like you 2 weeks post op.

    What pains meds have you been given.? 

    Enjoy being home, Jennie Sparkles

  • I had the cough following the op and lasted for around 8 weeks. Then a sore throat and the cough was back after the first cycle of post op chemo. It is much better now. Hopefully once the chemo finishes soon the cough will go. My surgeon said it was to do with the intubation during surgery and will clear in time.

  • Hi Jennie,

    I’m on paracetamol, zomorph and morphine sulphate for pain relief. Also on Pregabalin to help r  er pair nerve damage. Spare room has been turned into a dispensary! 

  • Hi Cool Blue. Good to hear you are home. Your photo took me back to all the meds I brought home from hospital. In the end I wrote a timetable for daily medications and filled it in daily; it was a bit time consuming writing out the timetable but it was worth it in the end. Good luck with your recovery. Best wishes, Julie

  • Hi Cool Blue 

    Interesting with the Pregablin for nerve damage, have you got any numbness? Bet your so glad to be home.

    BW Jennie Sparkles

  • Hi Jennie,

    Just a bit of numbness around my wound area. Good scar around my right side. Looks like I’ve been the victim of a shark attack. What pain meds are you still on and are you managing much in the way of exercise yet?

  • Morning Cool Blue

    How is it going? Your first weekend at home. Victim of a shark attack, haha. I have 17 incisions so I look like I’ve stayed at the Bates motel haha.

    I am taking paracetamol regularly and I take Tramadol when I go to bed. The last two days I have walked one mile, slowly, I am going to stick with this and work on speed for now. 

    BW Jennie Sparkles