Post Op eating - Food - batch cooking - 4oz pots?

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I am keeping myself busy with preparing. My operation is a week today, the 29th Feb, I have spoken to a local support group this morning (SPLASH), they recommend batch cooking and freezing in small pots. 

I know it is different for all, they advised to start with small amounts and work up, what has been peoples experience with the amounts, post op? 4oz, 10, 16 just to get an idea please. 

  • I think a lot will depend on the operation and how much of the stomach they will remove. I am finding my eating portion size isn't that much different from before. I can't eat a massive meal but I can eat a normal sized microwave ready meal ok. I was lucky in that they only removed about a third of my stomach so my capacity isn't too bad. Obviously other people have had more removed so won't be able to eat as much. Not that I didn't dread eating the first 3 weeks but that was because I had pneumonia from the surgery which meant I was coughing a lot and coughing and eating after the operation don't mix as it's easy to bring food up if you cough when your eating. Fortunately that improved when the infection cleared but I think the antibiotics I was on for over three weeks really messed up my digestion. Maybe you could do a selection, but obviously to be on the safe side mostly smaller portions.

  • Thank you Joe, I am thinking if I do the smaller pots and can it more, I will just heat up more pots Shrug tone2‍♀️until I know for sure, it will be a start for when I first get home. 

  • I, too, have been pleasantly surprised on portion size. Obviously the first weeks are hard with being on a soft diet and not wanting to over-do it, but I found that if I did eat too much my tummy quickly told me by way of cramps. I only had a couple of dumping episodes, both in hospital, and both due to Fortisip! Needless to say, I stopped that straightaway when I realised that was the cause.

    I've been managing by having what my partner eats, not separate meals just for me, but the same only smaller. For instance stews, bolognese, chips, and I've had lots of egg meals in various guises... scrambled, poached etc on toast. At lunch I have soups or bacon toasties (yum), but if I'm not particularly hungry I'll just have a yoghurt.

    In the early days I lived on fish pie, cottage pie and stews, again as joint meals, but was surprised at how easy eating normal food became. 

    I did get myself a small plate and cup before the op, thinking that would help navigate portion size, but found I didn't need it. Listening to your body does work, something they don't really tell you beforehand.

  • Hi

    As others have said it does depend a lot on how much of your stomach is left, I no longer have a stomach so can only manage small meals.  Without knowing your op I would go for smaller portions,  know I didn’t want to eat much for a long time so only having a little in front of me help physiological eat when I didn’t want to.  As you say you can always eat a bit more if you want to.

    I hope the op goes well and just be patient with yourself after as the recovery and learning the new way of eating can take a long time.  I had my op Oct 22 and I am still having dumping and other unpleasant side affects (not saying you will take this long I am unfortunate the nurses tell me). 

  • Thank you JacPop, I will not know for sure until I wake up, the plan is a oesophagostomy. One day at a time, small amounts when I do start and see how it goes.

    Best wishes Jennie 

  • How’re you feeling now, Jennie? You’re obviously keeping busy preparing meals. I’ve been busy getting jobs done around the house and garden that I know I’ll not be up to doing for the next few months. Keeps me busy and stops me thinking too much about Thursday. Nonetheless, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s the first thing that comes into my head and I can’t shift it! 

  • Hi Cool Blue

    I kept busy at the weekend, my sleep was restless last night and like you when I wake it’s right there in my face. 
    what time will you be going in on Wednesday? 
    I have to go in for 7am on Thursday. 

  • I don’t know my admission time yet. Have to phone at 11am on Wednesday to find out. Early start for you on Thursday then. Do you have far to travel to the hospital? 

  • Hi Jenjen6. I’ve just read your post and wanted you to know that I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and Thursday. I had my Oesophagotomy almost four months ago now and doing well. I had a feeding tube in hospital and for a further two weeks after I came home. I used to eat tiny amounts to start with but soon found out I could eat more than I thought. I did eat a puréed squashable diet for the first two weeks at home but gradually became a bit braver and basically ate similar meals to my husband but just smaller amounts. You sound like the sort of person who is very proactive and wants to do the best for yourself, and I’m sure you will soon learn your way around your new plumbing system. Sending you my very best wishes, Julie

  • Hi Cool Blue

    I will be awake anyway, I have two shake to drink tonight before 6pm and I have two pre-op drinks for Thursday morning to drink before 6am. 

    How I am currently feeling I am not sure I will get them down, but I will. :-). boy oh boy, the nerves are busy today, I do get anxious and I know it impacts on what my body does!! nerve pain in arms and legs, sick feeling and I can talk the hind legs of a donkey.

    Fear going on in my head!! Just want to wake up now and the op has been succefully completed!

    I only have a 20 min drive to the QA hospital, Portsmouth. I have a rubbish signal at the hospital, good Wi-Fi though? 

    If we don't chat again until after the OP Cool Blue, I wish you all the best, I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes.

    Take care Jennie