Food intake post extended gastrectomy

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Dear All

My father was diagnosed with a GoJ adenocarcinoma back in September. Disease was local with some nodes and he proceeded with 4 cycles of FLOT and had extended gastrectomy in mid Jan. thankfully, he had had a complete pathological response to chemo and there was no visible tumour or spread in the nodes/no distal mets etc. He stayed in hospital for a week and came home to us thereafter. The oncology plan is for 4 more cycles of FLOT and hopefully that should be that. 4 weeks post op, he is on pureed food - daal, potatoes, rice, porridge, protein drinks … we are Indian and he mainly eats Indian food. Bowels - some days a lot of diarrhoea, 4-6 times a day, others more solid stool a couple of times a day. No dumping (yet). 
Pre op his weight was 79kg, weight now is 74kg. 

just wanted to ask about people’s experience of diet going forward, weight and bowels.  

thank you 

  • Hi DadhadGOJ

    I had a total gastrectomy nearly 6 weeks ago. I have had mostly pureed food too although have managed pasta, poached eggs on toast and fish as well.

    It is difficult to know what food is best, I have had some diarrhea too and some normal stools which from what I gather is normal. I have lost 17 kg since my operation, it's now stabilised but I put it down to the small amounts of food I'm able to manage

    I suggest talking to your nutritionist if you have any concerns about your father.

    Best wishes