Oesophageal cancer and pembrolizumab

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i am currently being treated with pembrolizumab alone every 6 weeks (400mg) and I am due my 8th cycle soon. During my last cycle I experienced some light headiness and some very brief dizzy spells, although this now seems to have settled down somewhat. Has anyone else experienced this and did it affect your treatment in any way?

  • Hi  

    I'm glad that your light headiness and dizzy spells have settled down and I hope they won't happen again.

    I haven't had pembrolizumab, so don't have any experiences to share, but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list again.

    Wishing you all the best 

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  • Hi Old Grey Whistler 

    My husband had FLOT chemotherapy and he experienced light headedness and dizziness ..He was told it was most likely down to the steroids he was  taking along side the chemotherapy . 

    Best wishes J 

  • Hi, I had pembolizumab alongside 6 rounds of CAPOX chemo. I'm now on maintenance Immunotherapy every 6 weeks which started in January. I haven't had any dizzy spells or light headiness but as you will know the fact sheet provided with possible side effects is quite extensive.

    Have you spoken to your clinical nurse specialist and mentioned your symptoms. It might not be related but it would probably need checking out.

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  • Hi Steven

    i read your profile and it’s pretty much the same story with me, I was diagnosed T4N1M1, my tumour was stage 4, midway 5cm with metastasis into the spine. Fortunately, after 2 rounds of chemo (capox) I was able to eat normally. That was back in March last year. Since then I have been on Pembrolizumab and have also had radiation treatment. I spoke to my team at my last session and they have sent blood a blood sample off for a cortisol level check regarding the dizziness, no results yet.

  • Hi old grey whistler,

    How is your treatment going? 

    My husband has OC with small spread to the liver.

    We are just awaiting treatment plan.

  • Hi

    My latest CT scan shows that my tumour is continuing to shrink, so the immunotherapy seems to be working. Still have anotherc15 months to go so I am feeling more hopeful for the future. Hope your husbands cancer journey is a positive one, good luck.

  • My wife has just been diagnosed T2N2M1 and that the disease is metastatic and stage 4.She should hopefully be starting treatment shortly Capox and Pembrolizumab.We have a further meeting on Monday to discuss the treatment in more detail They have suggested a picc line.

    The chemo would be for 6 cycles and immunotherapy 2 yrs.If successful the prognosis is 12-18 months.Any advice on picc line or anything would be appreciated.